How the Club Life Ruined Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel, also known as "Johnny Football" has made a real spectacle of his football career. He was recruited with high expectations stemming from a glowing high-school and college football showing. This all changed once he started receiving paychecks and realized how much fun he could have with all the money he was making. Now, "Johnny Football" may have no career left in the NFL due to his shenanigans.

Need to be in the Spotlight

Johnny Manziel has a need to be in the spotlight. In the beginning, it was a positive spotlight that was showing off his skills as a precise quarterback. He was expected to enter the NFL draft in 2014, almost every team saw it coming and many had their eyes on him. Coaches wondered if he was going to be an exciting quarterback like Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers. Manziel had a great running game, but gave the coaches a little difficulty when asked to improve his passing game.

Unprofessional Attitude

Once the Cleveland Browns demoted Manziel from starting quarterback to backup and finally to 3rd string, his attitude became more unprofessional. There were times when he was quoted saying things like "blame it on the alcohol", which came across as a lack of self-control.

What drove the Cleveland Browns to the decision to bench "Johnny Football" was his unprofessional attitude toward the team, his lack of motivation to help the team succeed, and wanting all of the attention on him. He was unable to accept his demotions with grace and learn from them. His immaturity and lack of adult-life responsibilities led to his party lifestyle continuing and escalating.

Increased Need for Crowd Control

Given the controversy that often surrounded Johnny Manziel appearances, venues had to increase security and take additional precautions to keep guests safe. In some cases, additional roped off sections had to be created to keep the action-packed party that Manziel was having separate from others to prevent conflict, uncontrollable crowds, and unwelcomed behavior from happening. The need for additional security measures did cost some venues a considerable amount of money, especially when fights broke out and damages occurred.

Decline after Injury

Manziel suffered a minor injury, but had to be benched for concussion protocols and other preventative measures. Rather than showing up to the team's last practice before the last game of the season, he chose to fly to Las Vegas and cause trouble at a night club. Las Vegas was his party location of choice. He was once accused of punching a man at a club, which made national headlines within hours. The negative publicity tarnished the reputation of the entire Cleveland Browns team and Manziel's personal credibility.

Paparazzi Everywhere

There is no escaping the Paparazzi, they are everywhere. Even civilian paparazzi sold photos to media networks. Manziel could escape nothing. If he chose to use marijuana, drink uncontrollably and cause fights, it was all caught on video or in photos. What got the best of Manziel in these situations was his inability to accept responsibility for his actions. He did, however, issue an apology for his behavior a few times.

In a few occasions Manziel attempted to deny that surfacing video footage and photos were not him. He failed to realize that the consequences for telling the truth would have been much less than what he ended up with.

Loss of Positive Publicity

After coming into the 2014 NFL draft as the 22nd overall draft pick, he started off well. His publicity was positive as he was throwing touchdown passes, running the ball when necessary, and pumping up his team to win more games. He had difficulties in his personal life, mostly with a current (now ex) girlfriend and domestic violence. From there, his publicity took a turn downhill and became more negative as the seasons went on.


If Johnny Manziel is to ever have a career in the NFL again, he has to clean up his act and be able to enjoy a club scene without alcohol taking over - changing his attitude and demeanor. He still has a lot of growing up to do and has to have some kind of sense of responsibility before another agent is going to pick him up and market him to teams again. His name has become a household name and one that many NFL teams have chosen to steer clear from. The demise of Manziel's career is a prime reason to remain yourself, act responsibly, and make a positive impact no matter how large your paycheck is or what your profession is.