How the Color Orange Helps

Orange is energy. And the fruit juice that many people drink to invigorate their mornings is certainly aptly named. There is no color in the spectrum that doesn't have meaning, and orange is no exception.

I remember discussing color and energy on Fox and Friends a little over a year ago and I had called attention to their logo. It was bright orange and that color was capable of being noticed as a focus and full of energy. It was a good choice, as logos go. People who apply the Color orange to their lives in some way have the potential to open themselves up to more joy and enthusiasm. It's a wonderful way to stimulant creativity and freedom of expression. Orange has the ability to help in the following ways:

  • Improve your mood to a more sunny disposition.
  • Dispel feelings of depression or sadness.
  • Improve physical stamina while supplying needed vitality and energy.
  • Promotes forgiveness.

Add this color to your day in the form of flowers, jewelry, clothing, or anything that strikes you with positive energy in that color. I always advise to keep a,journal while working with color. That way we can discover which colors are more of a signature color that suits us. Using that gauge may help to manifest a brighter outlook.

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