How The 'Dream Ticket' Can Become A Nightmare

One of the things that gets lost in the way the media dissects the electorate into their most bitter and disaffected distillations is that the vast majority of Democratic voters think that being left with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton represents an abundance of riches and that both are so appealing that there is widespread hope -- indeed, anticipation -- of a so-called "Dream Ticket" cute-overload team-up that combines the best qualities of each candidate into an unstoppable force for HOPESPERIENCE.

But because the major media frame for the Democratic race is that it's an interminable march into certain oblivion, it's only a matter of time before every Dream gets shredded like a clutter of kittens in an angry woodchipper. And so, we get this piece from Bob Beckel, reminding us that even the Dream Ticket scenario could occur in the cauldron of inter-campaign antipathy. And, as you might expect, those cursed superdelegates are the unwitting servants of Armageddon:

Just consider for a moment the final phone call with Bill Clinton when the super delegate had to tell him he or she had decided to go with Obama. Clinton," It's time to make a decision. Hillary needs you and I need you. We've been through a lot together. When you needed me I was there, now we need you".

Super delegate, "Mr. President, this is the hardest thing I've ever had to do, but I'm going with Obama because (whatever). Ask me for anything else Mr. President, but I've got to do this". Clinton, "I'm very disappointed and personally hurt, but do what you think you have to do. So long."

Now imagine its June 4th and Clinton calls again. Clinton, "I know Obama has enough votes to win, but I wanted you to know Hillary has decided to run for vice president at the convention. You know there are two roll call votes at the convention: first president then for vice president. I know you are voting for Obama for president. Fine, but I want your commitment to vote for Hillary for vice president."

And that's when the Blackberry Jam Apocalypse begins:

You imagine being on the floor in Denver. Hillary's delegates, NEARLY HALF THE DELEGATES, are demanding she be on the ticket. These are true believers who have stuck with Clinton through thick and thin. To them, putting Hillary on the ticket is a crusade.

Most Clinton delegates are women, most Democratic voters are women, and they're going to just accept some middle aged white governor that Obama is rumored to want? No way. They are in your face. Hillary supporters from back home are jamming your Blackberry. This and more horror scenes flash through your mind in a nano second.

So there you have it. Some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice, but all agree that it will probably happen at the Democratic National Convention.