National Geographic Recreates How The Earth Was Made (VIDEO)

Every once in a while there's something so cool that you forget about work, errands, or whatever else you have to do for a few minutes to watch it.

This clip from the National Geographic special "Earth: Making Of A Planet" is, for lack of a better description, one of those things.

Although the video was released in March, it seems the internet had somewhat of a delayed reaction to its awesomeness. Better late than never! So, take a moment to watch a clip of how the very planet you're living on came into existence, and view a time when, according to the video, "Earth looked more like hell than home."

According to National Geographic's video website: "Through CGI re-creations, meet the inhabitants of Earth over the ages, from slimy mats of algae to the great dinosaurs and the ancestors of mammals and humans."


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