How The GOP Platform Will Harm My Family


My name is Kevin and this me and Del Ray. We both met after 40, and in a way had given up on love. Not in a cynical way, romance had simply never really worked out for either of us. So it was an amazing mid-life surprise for us to have found each other.

We have a very tranquil home life in Nashville, TN. Two cats. Their names are Frank and Barbara (not after Sinatra and Streisand. We aren't that gay.) I like to cook so most evenings after work we chat about our day and eat the dinner I made.

We got engaged to be married just a few days before the Supreme Court decision to make it legal. I think we are both beside ourselves about it all. Never in my life did I imagine such a thing could happen to me. Something so normal. and happy. and human.

Did you know the official Republican platform includes some pretty harsh anti-gay language, including a plot to undo me and Del Ray's wedding plans -- to reverse gay marriage. Then, Donald Trump announced his running mate who happens to have a very ugly track record with the gay community.

If you aren't gay, it's possible you might not think about LGBT issues that much. That's why I wanted to share our story with you. To show you our faces. Your vote in November could lead to very real harm for my life and millions of others. Harm and sadness. Please think of us.

I would like to encourage other gay couples to write your story and pair it with a photo on your social media outlets. Include the hashtag #HitchedHumans