How The Great Blue Heron Got Its Lunch


I recently invited you to join us on a weekend hike at Mizzy Lake, Algonquin Provincial Park. Some of you must have wondered, why is this guy talking about hiking on LinkedIn, a business oriented social networking service for professionals dressed in suits.

So I thought I must share one of the hiker's responses, and our experience after the 5 hour hike:


"We feel we broke through a boundary and broadened our horizons both physically and mentally."


Keep in mind, our mental and physical abilities are the foundation of all our other abilities, whatever be your profession, and whatever tie you like to wear. And sometimes we need to step outside our office spaces to sharpen the very same abilities we need within the office.


Thanks to those who joined us, we enjoyed a great day experiencing nature, in addition to seeing loons, wild ducks, wild flowers, a moose and its calf, and thankfully less than a handful of human beings (also known as tourists).


During our hike, we stopped briefly by a lake to have our lunch.
In the distance barely visible and well camouflaged among the tall grass was this Great Blue Heron, also preparing to have its lunch.


Now although we were quite hungry and our sandwiches were tasty, it was more interesting to watch how the Great Blue Heron got its lunch. After all, you and I know that there are no free lunches.

1. The heron was aware of its surroundings (competitors)
2. It knew where to find its lunch (target audience)
3. It was hungry (determination)
4. But it was also very patient in its approach to catching its prey (patience)


The determined heron patiently did some fishing, and caught its prey! Many times.


Most of us have to work to eat, and although we do not have to hunt like the heron, do you think there is something we can learn from the heron's approach to getting its lunch?


Also, please let me know if you are interested in joining us on the next hike!