How the Internet Reinvented Opportunity

The Internet changed everything.

Stay-at-home moms are earning a living on Etsy selling handmade crafts, teenagers are out-earning their parents by partnering with brands to promote their products on Vine and Instagram, and entrepreneurs are earning a living by creating digital products online. These aren't your typical Silicon Valley techno geeks and they're not creating elaborate social networking sites. This new class of entrepreneurs are regular people like you and me.

The Internet completely changed commerce and as a result it reinvented opportunity. Up until a decade ago in order to sell a product or service you had to build a brick and mortar business, take out thousands of dollars worth of business loans (assuming you got approved), and pray that it all worked out. Nowadays it's a whole new ball game.

In recent years teenagers, 20-somethings, mid-lifers and senior citizens across the globe have explored the new era of digital commerce. This allows anyone to create a product once and resell it an infinite amount of times. Never in the history of business has an entrepreneur had so much leverage and such little risk.

One company that has been on the forefront of the evolution in digital commerce is ClickBank. ClickBank is the world leader in performance marketing of digital products, with six million clients and distribution in 190 countries. They specialize in being the go-to, easy-to-use platform for entrepreneurs and small businesses, enabling and encompassing powerful online and mobile e-commerce across a wide variety of lifestyle categories.

In the new age of digital commerce, ClickBank is helping empower people to share their knowledge with others through the creation of digital products, but it doesn't just stop there. Product developers are also empowered to make products of all kinds outside of education and how-to oriented products. Many of ClickBanks' most successful products are in the health and fitness, home and garden, parenting and families, cooking, food and wine categories.

Much of the success many ClickBank product creators have is driven by a desire to strive for financial security by building a business. This was the case with Joey Atlas.

Joey Atlas is an expert fitness trainer. In 2004 he owned a personal training studio. He worked 5:00 AM - 9:00 PM and had no time for himself, his family or his friends. A year later he decided to create information products he could share with the world, not just the people in his community. "My aim was to replace my in-person income with a more passive, online income," Joey said. "By 2012 I had surpassed my goal several times over -- and it continues to grow as we speak. I now have a business and life that most people envy -- and can only dream of. I'm no longer a slave to other people's schedules and demands. Rather, I now decide how I spend my days and what pursuits I want to explore."

Can your story resemble Joey's? Absolutely. The technology is available. The platform is available and the demand for digital products is exploding. So what's stopping you from pursuing your passion and what's stopping you from meeting your true potential?

Rather you're a burnt out corporate citizen, an educator or anyone from any background, the Internet now gives you the opportunity to achieve success like never before!

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