How The Presidential Candidates Will Look In 4 Years: See Photos

The gurus at PopPhoto have digitally altered photos of John McCain, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton to show how they might look after four years of holding the most stressful job in the country.

Below are photos of each candidate, and an explanation of how PopPhoto achieved the aged look (click here for larger versions of the images):

Aging takes time, even when you make it happen artificially with software. Each candidate took about four hours of retouching. To mimic the ravages of time, we did the following:

- Used the Burn and Dodge tools to deepen wrinkles and paint in age spots.
- Cloned the eyebrows and moved them lower.
- Used the Liquify filter to hollow out cheeks, make jowls, thin out lips, and enlarge ears and noses.
- For Clinton and Obama, brought in forehead wrinkles from separate photos and used the Match Color tool to blend them in.
- For Obama, painted in gray hair on top of his current hair; for Clinton, desaturated with the Sponge tool to make her grayer.