How The Russians Won World War III - A Short History

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<p>KGB Colonel and Judo Master</p>

KGB Colonel and Judo Master

courtesy WikiCommons

KGB Colonel Vladimir Putin had often said that the fall of the Soviet Union was the worst geopolitical disaster of the 20th Century.

Considering the other geopolitical disasters that took place in the 20th Century, this was saying a lot.

Putin would have liked to have restored the greatness of the Soviet Union, but he also understood that the Russia that he ruled could never compete with the Americans. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the US stood alone as the world’s superpower, and there was no way that Russia, or anyone else was going to be able to compete with the extraordinary military might of the United States. Putin knew, if he didn’t act, the US would rule the world unchallenged for another century.

But Putin was both a KGB master and a Judo Master, and Judo is the art of using your opponent’s strength and weight as weapons against him. Putin was small for a Russian, only 5’7”, so he had found an outlet in judo early in his life. It was a way to compete against people much bigger than he.

Putin knew that he could never compete in the world of conventional weapons, so he put all his money on an entirely new weapons system - cyberspace. A million people armed with with laptops and smart phones could do a lot more damage than a million men with rifles. In the Third World War there would be no divisions streaming across the Fulda Gap. That was a war that NATO was ready for and one Putin would lose. America was unprepared for a cyberwar, and it was one Russia could win.

Military history is replete with stories of entirely new weapons changing history. In the First World War, the British and French were totally unprepared for machine guns and barbed wire, and so just kept marching into them. In the Second World War, the Poles faced the German mechanized Wehrmacht with horses. In the Third World War, the Russians sent silent cyberweapons to defeat an America armed for a conventional battle. The Americans never stood a chance.

In the 2016 election, Putin used this weapon for the first time to get an easily manipulated ego-centric simpleton elected as President. Years of KGB training had prepared Putin to deal with a transparently weak minded Donald Trump. It was child’s play. When Trump was announced the winner, there was cheering in the Kremlin. They had pulled off a silent Pearl Harbor and won the first battle without firing a shot.

Once in the White House, they unleashed their puppet, without his even realizing it, to set off an internal Civil War in America. It was easy to do. The alt-right in America had always existed, but no one until now had weaponized them. The Russians could and did.

The alt-right was small, but already armed to the teeth. They had more guns than the Red Army, and better onset that. By promoting the bogus myth that the Second Amendment had been written because Americans had the ‘right’ to violently overthrow their own government by force of arms if was deemed ‘oppressive’, it was a short cyber step to creating previously unheard of levels of street violence and revolution. Endless articles began to appear on the Internet featuring ‘alt-left’ violence that never existed’ an alt-left that never existed; the ‘threat’ to the ’real Americans; the media war on the elected President (unlike anything in history) and finally, the right of an oppressed people to overthrow their oppressors by force (as guaranteed in the Constitution). The entire playbook had been written in Moscow.

In a few months, with a few properly orchestrated ‘events’ (and their easily manipulated and predictable tool in the White House), Washington and the rest of the nation was soon turned into an American version of Mogadishu.

Armed ‘militias’ roamed the streets, law and order broke down and the nation was defeated from within.

The Americans destroyed themselves.

And that was how the Third World War ended.


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