The 'Trump Effect' Finalized My Leaving The GOP!

This most recent, pathetic stunt by Donald Trump with his Hispanic supporter jumping on stage and getting on the microphone while screaming how much Hispanics love Trump was just too much for me. It was terribly humiliating, and really disgusted me. His stance on Latinos is quite clear, and watching this footage made me sick to my stomach. It was almost as sad as watching an episode of Game of Thrones where you know that the character is lying, and just playing politics.

"Yes your grace, we are so very happy that you visited us here today. Your presence honors us."

Meanwhile, everyone hates the queen, and she knows it, and they know it, and the audience knows it. Everyone knows it, yet they all play along. It is utterly pathetic, and I couldn't believe what I was watching.

I am not an Ivy League educated journalist, nor do I have any advanced degrees in political science or any of those accolades. I am a Puerto Rican man from the South Bronx, just a regular guy who worked really hard to make something of himself despite the odds. I am no different than many of you. Many of us share the same stories of humble beginnings, struggle, and triumph. By the way, this is not a stab at Ivy League educated individuals, I'm just stating a fact about my background.

That being said, I wonder how many regular people were sitting around at home one day, then had this magical thought occur to them: "Donald Trump should be our next President! He's the best guy for the job; he should run!" My educated guess would be, very few if any! I do not for one minute believe that Trump was on anyone's mind before delivering a certain speech. I daresay that I'd even question whether or not most right leaning folks considered him an ally.

All that is besides the point though, isn't it? You see; Donald Trump decided to try something extreme. His time is running out, and he knows that if he's going to make this happen, now's the time. He went up on that stage, and he decided to play to the Republican base's anti-immigration policies. However, he didn't just speak up against immigration; he vilified Mexicans. He went in on Mexicans, and these people ate it up like last night's dinner! He didn't stop there though, he combined his rhetoric with a fancy catch phrase that I'm sure he stole from Ronald Reagan: "Make America Great Again."

Then just like that, a guy who no one from the right wing cared about became the front runner. It really is amazing how far a little anti-Latino speech could get you!

What does that really mean? How does a guy who no one seemed to care about, catapult to number one practically overnight? I'll tell you why, this simply exposes the underlying "nonexistent" racism and hatred in this country. Through my work with Latino Rebels, Capicu, The Center for Puerto Rican studies, and others I have slowly had my previously closed eyes open. Then a guy like Trump comes along, spews hatred towards Latinos, and many in the GOP ate it up.

That's when it all became clear to me. Though there are a few matters where I agree with the Republican party, our social views could not be further apart. There was no way that I could allow another day to pass where my name was associated with this party. I have since then disassociated myself politically from all parties, and I will vote based on the issues when the general elections come along.

I'd like to thank Donald Trump for helping me reach this point by spewing all of that hateful vitriol. Without his stupidity, I may have lingered within the Republican party a while longer. I'd also like to thank my Latinos friends for tolerating me during this time of confusion. I will continue to work hard to provide a voice for our people!