How The Young Turks Helped Elect Trump

How The Young Turks Helped Elect Trump
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Had Democrats and the DNC known that millions would refuse to fall in line if they cheated Bernie Sanders, they’d never have cheated Bernie.

The Democratic National Committee knew something very important about Democratic voters, long before it cheated Bernie Sanders and WikiLeaks proved the Democratic Primary was rigged. Democrats always circle the wagons, marginalize the purest voices of its progressive base, and utilize a fear of Republican budget cuts to corral voters into voting for the establishment’s choice. Nobody would ever vote for a Pro-Life Democrat, but millions had no problem voting for Clinton, even though she was backed by neoconservatives and once called black youth “superpredators.”

Thus, the DNC knew that there was a cut-off point where liberal voters do not breach.

For Bernie or Bust voters, or Jill Stein voters, Clinton represented that line in the sand.

However, the DNC, and media working on behalf of the Democratic Party, demand that everyone stand within their (1990’s era) boundaries. The DNC knows the barrier it’s created is solid, and also knows that powerful progressive voices like Cenk Uygur won’t create their own demarcation, or take a stand.

Throughout the election, Cenk Uygur, Jordan Chariton and the rest of TYT pointed out the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party, and even the corruption within the DNC. Jordan provided excellent reporting and quickly became the most respected journalist at the network. However, aside from Jimmy Dore, nobody was serious about breaking the Democratic paradigm and sending a message to Democrats.

It’s this flawed and failed mentality that elected Trump.

TYT’s brand is based upon reporting, exposing corruption, and siding with this corruption because Trump “is worse.”

Then, another aspect of TYT’s brand most people overlook, is the fact that after siding with the corruption it exposed, Trump still won.

Instead of helping build the framework of a Draft Bernie for the People’s Party movement, it caved to the conventional mentality.

Cenk Uygur’s TYT castle is built by DNC bricks, and everyone is beginning to know why on one segment, they used the phrase “Donations are donations.”

Again, had Democrats and the DNC known that millions would refuse to fall in line if they cheated Bernie Sanders, they’d never have cheated Bernie.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz would know that the 3 million subs at TYT would mutiny.

We’d have President Sanders, not President Trump.

Cenk Uygur went from Wikileaks Proves DNC Conspired Against Bernie Sanders! to 28 “Loser Donald” videos in a nanosecond. At CNN, or perhaps MSNBC, this would be expected, and even demanded by the Democratic establishment. With Cenk and TYT, it was explained as “We don’t like Clinton, but Trump is evil,” or essentially the exact sentiment of every other mainstream liberal pundit, or station.

Philosophically, Cenk sold out and still lost.

As an “independent” online YouTube network, The Young Turks became an edgier CNN. Ultimately, whereas CNN sugarcoats Democratic corruption and Cenk publicizes this behavior, both TYT and CNN will fall in line in 2020. Whomever CNN backs, rest assured, TYT will support, albeit a whole bunch of righteous muckraking.

TYT is currently working to promote investigative journalism, but for what purpose?

To investigate corruption linked to Democrats, and then side with those Democrats when they cheat Bernie Sanders, or Tulsi Gabbard and Nina Turner in the future?

The TYT model of progressive journalism emboldens and justifies DNC cheating because absolutely nothing will prevent Cenk, or most of TYT, from siding with the establishment choice in 2020. Until then, Democrats can elect Tom Perez, side with pharmaceutical companies, but at the end of the day, Cenk will demand his 3 million plus viewers to fall in line.

Lately, The Young Turks haven’t been passionate about the DNC Lawsuit, which Zach Haller has written a viral article about in Counter Propa documenting. Zach Haller also documented The Young Turks Netork’s woeful coverage of the DNC Lawsuit, as well the impending collapse of mainstream media.

Haller’s “7 Jaw-Dropping Revelations From Hearings on the Motion to Dismiss the DNC Fraud Lawsuit” has never been addressed by Cenk Uygur, for some odd reason.

It’s obvious that TYT wants the DNC to win, or at least pretends to side with Bernie voters, by its lack of emphasis on why Bernie voters must achieve this victory.

I explain exactly why TYT needs the DNC to win in the following H. A. Goodman YouTube segment.

That segment helped start a feud between Jordan Chariton, and Tim Black, Niko House and me. For some reason, Jordan felt the need to spend 30 minutes on a Facebook Live stream defending Cenk Uygur and TYT, when I never mentioned Jordan in my initial critique.

His diatribe was full of slanderous remarks about Tim, Niko and myself, and he tried his best to not only destroy our brands, but defend Cenk Uygur from being labeled a “sellout.”

Jordan then confused Tim and Niko, but Tim Black wasn’t buying the excuse of confusing two black men for one another; Jordan had a history defending Cenk.

Immediately, Ebon Kim, Jamarl Thomas, Holly Seeliger, Hard Bastard and other YouTubers came to our defense. In Hard Bastard’s case, someone possibly at TYT demanded YouTube remove his video defending the three of us.

Tim Black also made a poignant response to Jordan’s tirade and TYT’s coverage of the DNC lawsuit.

Up until recently, I had a tremendous amount of respect for Jordan Chariton, especially since he introduced me in such a warm manner during our first interview. These are his words and the link to the interview is below:

Hey it’s Jordan with TYT, TYT Netork, Monday June 20, and by popular demand I’ve tracked down columnist and journalist H. A. Goodman... H. A. you know... there’s obviously a lot of talk about people becoming politicians now that Bernie done a call to arms but there’s been a lot of columnists, freelancers, journalists that voices have risen this election, I humbly would hope to include myself... and I’ve had fan after fan, viewer after view, saying “You gotta interview H. A., you gotta interview H. A.!” and I wanted... I’ve been following your work as best I can with everything I’m doing... one piece I really liked was for Salon that you know... the establishment... I’ll leave it at the establishment folks like Joan Walsh say is the “death and destruction” of Salon... the was about the possible FBI indictments... first before we get into politics tell me what’s been your path?

Yes, Jordan loved my writing on Clinton indictments.

Before TYT Politics takes down Jordan’s interview with H. A. Goodman, please watch:

Then watch the second interview, with Jordan giving this “huckster” and “preying journalist” another opportunity to convince people Bernie was going to win and Clinton would be indicted:

The recent drama, however, all fits with the TYT model. Report, investigate, foment righteous indignation, and then promptly do nothing but fall in line. In Jordan’s case, the TYT brand has now gone after journalists it views as threats.

Cenk Uygur didn’t vote for Trump. He was simply part of an apparatus and machine that elected President Trump. Cheat progressives, fall in line. Bully progressives, fall in line, because Trump is evil.

The paradigm hasn’t changed and don’t expect TYT or Cenk Uygur to break the mold. Expect complete obedience to a mainstream paradigm from The Young Turks. Sadly, it’s this lack of courage that helped justify the DNC’s treatment of Bernie Sanders and also helped elect Donald Trump.

H. A. Goodman is the creator of Counter Propa and the thoughts above are inspired by his new publication. Follow Counter Propa on Twitter and Facebook. Follow H. A. Goodman on Twitter.

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