How These Entrepreneurs Used Divorce To Become Better Leaders

Entrepreneurship takes a toll on many aspects of life. Nowhere has this become more apparent than with marriage. Only 43% of 59-year-olds are in their first marriage. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs are failures when it comes to long-term relationships. Yet so many of them have used their experiences to become better leaders. They have continued to be successful at what they do.

The fact is divorce impacts children, families, and finances, but if it's the right decision for both parties there's no reason to turn away. This guide is going to introduce you to entrepreneurs who have become great leaders despite going through divorce.

Tim Askew

Tim Askew is a former Broadway actor. When he left his career on the stage, he opened a sales outsourcing company called Corporate Rain International. Based in New York, he soon discovered that this was a full-time job he couldn't get away from.

After 16 years, he divorced his wife and continued to run his company. The main reasoning was that he could never switch off. Arguably, this turned him into a better leader because he gave everything to his company. One could argue that he sacrificed a lot to do that, but it helped him make his company into what it is today. He gave 110%. Rather than focusing on a troubled home life, he simply transferred all his energy into his business.

Sergey Brin

Sergey Brin is the co-founder of Google. He separated from Anne Wojcicki just last year. It wasn't clear exactly what caused the divorce, as both parties refused to comment on the situation. The divorce was quietly approved by a court in Santa Clara. Both Wojcicki and Brin are successful entrepreneurs, with Wojcicki running 23andMe, the DNA-testing company.

But they both learned valuable lessons. Despite the divorce, they continue to live close to each other. It's said that they continue to bring up their children like a team. This has enabled both of them to become better leaders because they are putting aside their personal animosity for the greater good.

This is a valuable lesson all entrepreneurs need to learn. They are not taking their eyes off their goals because of turmoil at home. If anything, they are turning it into a learning experience.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk is one of the poster boys for divorce. He has been divorced many times, including twice since 2010. Yet these divorces haven't impacted his businesses at all. The Volkswagen emissions scandal has sparked a brand new golden period for Tesla Motors, with profits soaring and renewed interest in the brand.

Musk has reacted to divorce in the same way as many other entrepreneurs, but with a twist. He has buried himself in his work, but he has demonstrated the quality of persistence. He continues to try out new relationships and experiment with new things. This is something every entrepreneur needs to learn about being a leader.

Lori Greiner

Shark Tank star Lori Greiner has a lot of rules for new entrepreneurs. One area where you can learn from her is in the field of divorce. For the first five years of her entrepreneurial journey, she used to handle every task within her company For Your Ease Only. Throughout the late 1990s she controlled everything. This exhausted her, and it started to take a toll on her marriage with Daniel Greiner.

But the fear of divorce convinced her to change. She managed to master the fear of delegation by putting her husband on the board. Daniel, who is now the vice president of the company, splits the duties with her. Both of them are happier for it.

They were both so scared about what could happen to their relationship that they reacted and made the decision to change. Sometimes the fear of what might happen can be the catalyst for positive change.

What Can Entrepreneurs Learn from Divorce?

These four entrepreneurs each saw divorce from a different point of view. They also approached it from a different point of view. Divorce can teach you a lot of leadership qualities that you can use to improve your company. That's not to say divorce is a good thing, but it can teach you a lot of important lessons.

Drag the good out of a bad situation and you can become a better leader. It could just be the momentous event that scores a breakthrough for your business.

Do you have any experience with divorce?