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How Thinking More, Better and Differently Can Set You Free

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Thoughts can set you free. Free to create and make-up any sort of world you want.

Your boss looks at you.

Is his look friendly, is he proud of you, is he worried about you, is he angry at you?

If he had too much pizza last night or drank a little heavily he may already be feeling uncomfortable: that will influence how he looks at you. If you had too much pizza last night or drank a little heavily you will be more apt to imagine your boss is upset with you.

If you had great sex last night it won't matter a bit how your boss looks at you. You are likely to still be glowing and thinking the best.

Your thoughts make-up that the look meant something serious, something wonderful or nothing at all.

Thoughts are made up. And when you remember that they are you are free to think creatively and for the fun of it.

But the moment that you imagine yourself a psychic, knowing all and with deep, truthful insights: then your thoughts take you hostage. Your thoughts become serious. And the fun leaves.

The range of what you can think shrinks fast when you believe your thoughts. It expands just as fast when you lighten up and realize that thoughts are made-up and provide entertainment.

Lighten up and make your thinking more creative by not believing your thoughts.

The More Thoughts the Merrier

Have you noticed that if you don't believe one thought another pops up, and another and another?

That is what happens. But the moment you believe a thought that thought tends to hang around. The same thing happens when you resist a thought.

Resist a thought like: "I don't have enough money." or "I don't have enough time." and those thoughts will hang around. Do that for long enough and they will become part of your belief system and then your philosophy.

But smile at the thought "I don't have enough money." rather than resisting or defending yourself against it and the next thought is likely to be fresh, new and a bit more creative and less serious.

The next thought might be "I wonder how I could make more money." or "I wonder who will win the big game tonight" or "I should lose/gain a little weight." or "I am feeling pretty good."

Welcome all your thoughts, don't resist any of them and you will get more thoughts. More thoughts means more creative thoughts and less serious thoughts simply because thoughts don't hang around.

Most people try and pick and choose which thoughts hang around. That doesn't work because thinking is just too fast to be edited like that.

Welcome all your thoughts and notice that your thoughts get moving really fast and that the flow of thoughts is fun and lightens you up. It is when thoughts get slow, sludgy and serious that you are likely to believe them and be impaled by "negative" ones.

And if you want to be a really creative thinker it helps to know that when you think you aren't really thinking the truth, you are making stuff up.

Think Different Thoughts

The range of your thinking also has a lot to do with how much fun you have thinking.

The narrower the range the less fun. The wider the range the more fun.

When your boss looks at you think outside the box. Think new and really different even bizarre thoughts.

He is looking at you because he needs your help, because he can't remember your name, because he is grooming you to take his place or because he thinks you are cool.

But he also may be looking at you because he wants you to offer to look after his cat while he goes on vacation or because you remind him of his Uncle Sid who, many years ago, consoled him when he lost a loved one.

The wider range of thoughts on any subject the more amusing, creative and fun they are likely to be and the less likely any one thought is to get stuck.

When one thought gets stuck then you are likely to think it over and over and that makes that thought true for you.

Think differently and you will also think more creatively.

As my statistics teacher in college taught us "nothing is impossible, but some things are much more likely than others."

Thinking differently expands the range of what you imagine possible, it offers a bigger and more entertaining world.

Think so far outside the box that you can hardly wait to find out what you will think next. Think the same and you will cringe, having the same thought so many times it pins you, like a bug, into one reality that isn't even real.

Think Better Thoughts

As you think more thoughts and different thoughts you will begin to notice better thoughts.

Most people, with limited thinking, imagine better thoughts are ones that correlate with what is true.

That just isn't so. The purpose of thinking isn't to discover what is true. The purpose of thinking is entertainment, enjoyment, spontaneity and creativity.

Better thoughts are thoughts that set you free, not thoughts that protect and defend you. Better thoughts are entertaining thoughts that make you lighter and happier, not by the content of them but by you not believing them.

Stuck thoughts aren't better thoughts, no matter how much you like them.

Better thoughts are fast thoughts, that get the job of entertaining you and informing you done fast and then are on their way.

As your thinking becomes more plentiful and is free to roam a much wider range of possibility you will naturally lighten up and let go. Unique solutions will occur to you. And your thinking will become a natural resource for you.

People around you will notice. They will ask your opinion more often and treat you as a valued resource.

You will not only be having more fun but you will be contributing to the people around you having a better time with their thinking as well.

It is not the truth that will set you free, it is thinking more, differently and better. With a little bit of practice you will live with a grin and a laugh and stress will pass you by as you dance from thought to creative thought.

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