How This 22 Year Old Built A World Class Digital Marketing Agency

How This 22 Year Old Built A World Class Digital Marketing Agency
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Jeremy Haynes
Jeremy Haynes
Credit Jeremy Haynes

As a marketer, one of my passions is finding the best minds in the marketing world today. Recently, I came across one of smartest marketing gurus, Jeremy Haynes whose disrupting digital marketing today. Even more impressive, he’s only 22 years old. Yes, you heard me right, 22. Here are some lessons marketers and businesses can learn from our time together.

David: Tell me about your entrepreneurial background.

Jeremy: I am 22, a business owner and I run a digital agency that helps people drive results through digital advertising and reverse engineering social content distribution plans that create audiences to eventually social sell to.

I learned all of this through experience and did not go through school. I started my first company when I was 16 doing video production. I have had five businesses, three of which failed, where video production went well and my current digital agency that has been violently successful in comparison to any of them.

David: Wow, you have been doing more than the average young adult.

Jeremy: This used to be so wildly uncommon and a very rare occurrence when people like me would surface and have a voice like I do.

David: What is your best piece of advice you would give to Millennials and generations after?

Jeremy: Understand that our great-grandparents used to tell our grandparents how to make money, our grandparents used to tell our parents how to make money, and our parents tried to tell us how to make money, but it did not work. Three generations of stuff working no longer works for us. The world has changed.

David: Why has this been different for Millennials?

If you have ever seen a graph of how fast technology grows, the exponential growth is insane and immeasurable when it comes to the upward-pointing arc. You have to understand Millennials are a part of that, and we were born into that arc. Our great-grandparents, our grandparents, and our parents, had slow and steady growth and when we came along, we were born into an upswing. There is a strong power in that, and most Millennials have not tapped into it. Those people do not realize the power that we, as Millennials, really hold. This is called the “youthification” of our society.

David: Why do Millennials need to take advantage of their position in this “upswing” they were born into?

The three generations before Millennials all look to Millennials for the advice now. They look to us to help them with business results, whereas it used to be the other way around. People used to come out of school with MBAs and ask their elder peers how to get into business, what is needed to succeed, how to operate and how they can scale. Now, we hold all that information.

David: Why do you want to help other Millennials?

Jeremy: I know adults that have made multi-millions in one year that come to me, as a 22-year-old business owner, for the advice of how to operate for several of the different things I mentioned earlier. I am not saying this to boast, but I want to flow power to the millennials that might not think they have a grasp on what it is they want to do. I am here to flow power to them so they know that they have an untapped skill that is just waiting for use.

David: What happens to the young adults who do not have a clear cut path for their future?

Jeremy: In terms of all the millennials out there who do not know what is going on, are just getting out of school, or do not know what to apply their efforts to, I guarantee that most of them will be pressed into entrepreneurship for having to refine a specialized skill set that they will bring to the marketplace rather than working for people.

People will start to realize what I am talking about right now. Millennials will start to realize where we are at, what kind of knowledge we hold, and where the baby boomers, and people older than them, currently lack.

David: In three sentences, give the Millennials viewing this some motivation.

From one millennial, who is still not big, but doing well in comparison to others, keep pushing. Keep looking for what it is you are good at and understand that other generations are looking to us for the advice now. Use this information and opportunity to stack some money for yourself!

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