How This 55-Year-Old Widow Is Creating A Fulfilling New Life

This is one story from Huff/Post50's new series "This Will Be Our Year: 15 Women Over 50 Shaking Things Up In 2015." We'll be following 15 remarkable ladies throughout the year as they make a radical change in their lives, whether it's embarking on a 500-mile hike, starting a new career or attempting to find love on the Internet. Start from the beginning here. jennifer Jennifer Miller, 55, is is selling her late husband's ranch in Las Vegas and starting a new life.

“The last 16 months have been unbelievable. I  have realized I am not in charge. Every time I make a plan it seems God says 'Ha!'

The expenses in the Bay Area were astronomical and I can buy three houses here for the price of one there. That got me questioning the move -- and then my sister’s cancer recurred. She had a mastectomy but she is still having chemo now. The house I had bought in the Bay Area was just four miles from my mother so my sister took the house, instead. It was a good thing for sister, it was a good thing for my mom and it was a good thing for me. The timing was just right.

I had the auction with Tammy Miller and it almost felt like a funeral. I can’t tell you how hard it was getting rid of my husband’s things, but thank God for Tammy. She’s an angel from above and she got me through it.

The ranch sold just recently and I’ve put a bid on a place here in Las Vegas. I’m currently on 3.5 acres with five building and I’m moving to a three-bedroom, three bath. It’s just six miles from where I live so I can keep everything the same -- the same grocery store, same bank and whatnot. I realized after this experience that I need to go somewhere where I’m comfortable and happy and I think this little house will make me happy.

I’ll be moving in the next 30 days if all goes well. Then I’ll begin my job search. I had to give up my job to help take care of my husband so I’ll be getting back in the game. I worked in high end retail for 10 years so I should have no problem getting a job. It’s just a matter of getting settled in my new house. I have to buy all new furniture. I got rid of what I had because it reminded me of my husband too much.

 I just realized that I’m sick of being in grief and in mourning. I’m sick of living in my husband’s world, because he’s gone. I need to move on and get a life. No more pity party.

After all this, my attitude is that I can do anything. There’s nothing that can come at me that I won’t embrace. I’m fortunate in that I’m healthy and the estate afforded me a nice lifestyle and a new home.”

Jennifer (left) and her friend, Karen, who also recently lost her husband, having dinner in Las Vegas.





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