How this agency has helped develop many brands and celebrities

Social media is one of the most appealing ways to get your business growing fast. It attracts majority of people as it requires extremely less investment. It is affordable and what else would any new entrepreneur wish for? However, the other side of social media is neglected often. A lot of people don’t see the fact that it demands a lot of time and effort to gain the required attention, to make its presence count. This is why not many who start an online business do not succeed.

You cannot manage everything on your own if you are a startup entrepreneur. Even when your motivation is on the highest levels, it can go down the aisle within a month or two. This is because the process is gradual and you need a team to support you. The investment might be “less” in this but you do need to invest anyhow. The need of a social media agency pops up automatically if you want to get viral on various social media platforms. In the beginning, you can take the start from a certain podium, but you definitely need the leverage and reach that an agency brings. Social media agencies provide a lot of strategies that can be tailored per a client’s needs.

Social media is the life blood for online businesses and celebrities. It boosts their presence and makes them more prominent and visible on search engines too. This is extremely crucial to flourish, and you can’t go to the heights of success without social media these days.


You need to be really consistent on social media. Your posts should be posted around the specific times when you receive the most engagement. For beginners, this gets really tough because they need to figure all of the best times of high engagement. Your goal is to get people to engage your posts and for this your consistency matters a lot. You cannot post 5 times per day and then stay underground for around a month; people will scatter away from you and what you have to offer. Furor Media has a lot of unique strategies that they leverage to grow their clients rapidly over multiple thousands of followers every single day. Consistency is the key and you certainly cannot compromise on that.


According to the stats, majority of people search for a new brand or an emerging celebrity via social media or internet in all. The presence of your brand on social media is really important as that makes you real or the audience these days thinks so. Therefore, you need to go with the stats that major researches have bought our way. More than 60% of people research on brands and different companies through social media and you definitely don’t want to miss out on the major audience.


All the big brands and companies have bigger agencies working behind the curtains to manage their audience. Filip Peliwo and Mayur Patil are the legends behind the creation of Furor Media which aids many brands and celebrities with managing and growing their businesses over social media. Furor leverages their unique strategies for higher engagement directly through the social media platforms to provide a greater reach for each of their clients. This leads to content becoming viral really quickly.

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