How This Man Went From Pro Athlete To Internet Entrepreneur

As I shift my focus towards business and entrepreneurship these days, I am constantly on the lookout for people who inspire me. Reaching big goals and living out dreams always comes easier with a mentor or at least looking towards those who have found success for some guidance. Hearing about Eric King's story of going from pro athlete to successful internet entrepreneur, I felt that I just had to reach out.

I was just as nervous as you may imagine but I conquered my fears and sent out an email anyway. Asking King to tell me a little more about his journey, I was rewarded with more inspiration than I bargained for. Here is what he had to say....

I am sure that people seldom hear about professional athletes who turn into internet entrepreneurs. However, I am a little surprised that there are not more stories like this. I feel the mindset, focus, drive and work ethic of a professional athlete is very similar to the traits and characteristics of an entrepreneur.

I'd like to share with you my motivation and driving factors that inspired me to make the decision to leave professional sports and become an entrepreneur.

Growing up I was never given any credit for my ability to play sports. Friends and coaches would regularly tell me that I just didn't have what it takes to play at the highest level.

My results and accomplishments couldn't be any more opposite from the naysayers. I was not only able to play collegiately but also was able to move on and play professional baseball. In fact, the odds of someone going from college baseball to pro is .5%. So you could say the probability was not in my favor.
However, I always felt like I had what it took to play at the highest level, and I was always confident in my own abilities regardless of what others told me.

I've now taken the same approach in my online businesses. They say that 97% of online businesses fail, and that only 3% make it, and again, I have been able to prove the critics wrong, by becoming a mentor, educator and influencer in my space.

The bigger picture and vision I had in going from professional athlete to entrepreneur, was the fact that I was never able to truly control my schedule, or my ability to do the things I wanted to in life.
Many would probably say that playing a professional sport is a dream, right? In many cases it is. Being financially secure, traveling to cities across the country, having the opportunity to stay at the nicest hotels and eat fine foods could be considered a dream too.

However, I always saw more. I always felt that trading my time for money was not worth it. I knew deep down that the only way I could truly feel fulfilled was if I had control of my life, control of my schedule, and ultimately do the things I loved to do, as I pleased.

That is what was most important to me. I was sick of trading time for money, and I wanted to start writing my own story in life.

I currently mentor, coach and educate others on how to reach financial independence online as entrepreneurs.

Today I am now fortunate enough to not only share my experiences with others, but also to help people reach their full potential in life, simply by having the right mindset and motivation to become an entrepreneur.
Having the right mindset is first, then take your passion, you vision and goals, and execute on them!

If you are thinking about jumping into the world of entrepreneurship, find people that inspire you and reach out to them for help. You may be surprised that they are ready and willing to give you a hand.