How To Allow The Walls of Separation To Come Tumbling Down

It's actually quite simple...

Drop into your Heart from your intellect...

and feel that which is already within you and has been from even before your birth into this world...


Over time, all walls built will tumble into nothing why not accelerate the process?

May I tell you a story?

I Love Divine Timing...

The notion of "separation" has been on the surface of my thinking for some time now.

As recently as the morning before I began a trek up to LA to attend Rev. Michael Beckwith's 11:30am Agape Spiritual Center service on October 16, 2016, I posted on my FB page... "And the walls of separation come tumbling down..."

As recently as the two-day intensive that I led heart-centered men on in the desert a little over a week ago, we built and tore down a physical manifestation (a wall of stones) of the aspects of ourselves which create separation...

and not so recently, as I reflect back even to the Adventure at sea alone...separation based in fear of the unknown aspects of life which prevent Love flowing out of me to others.

Then poof, after a meditation from 11am to 11:30am, the Rev. Michael Beckwith takes the stage and delivers a talk which blew my mind.

Separation on the surface of the intellect seems so very complicated to resolve.  Yet, upon dropping into the Heart, is so very it was designed to be.

I could go on and on and on about specific separations and stir the pot of negativity, but I will not.  We all know what they are because you are probably imagining some, most, or all of them now.

Those are the products of the intellectualization of why separation is necessary.

I believe it is not necessary at all.

I'm even to the point now that when I hear, "You're in your masculine energy or your feminine energy," I feel a separation brewing.  Sure, I get the methodology of attempting to find a balance, but when I feel my Divine Energy which is in each of us equally, both masculine energy and feminine energy become integrated into One Energy, which for me is the tumbling down of the walls of separation.

Beyond the intellect (ego), while in pure Thought (the Divine Self), a Knowing of a connection to every living being on this planet is only possible with separation gone.  All walls of separation down will become the small pebbles which create the path we all walk together as One.

And hearing Michael speak about "Thinking": I Am in my Knowing that he does not believe any separation to be necessary either. The man is full of Love.  Love flows through him as does It through all of us if we will only allow It to do so.  Again, I believe the process to be quite simple.

When we feel the connection we all already have with each other, the walls of separation which are created out of a fearful intellect come tumbling down as the fearless Eternal Being which is each of us (Spirit, aspect of God, Soul or whatever you wish to call It) begins to lead the way...and the possibilities of Change become infinite.

Think for a moment about the Sacred Power of pure unconditional Love.

When you open within yourself the secret temple of your soul, you will pass through the portal of matter and contact the living Spirit, communing with it as the very essence of your being. Then the walls of habits that hold back your evolutionary progress will crumble and you will find yourself face to face with yourself and the holy guests within your consciousness. ~Michael Bernard Beckwith

As I was walking out of Agape to go get my truck and pick up my friend and colleague, Katherine Gerardi for the ride home, I locked eyes with the Rev. 

My intellect didn't know why at the time, but I said, "Your talk was awesome, Rev. I'd like a hug."

He said with his magical smile, "With eyes like yours, I want a hug too."

His fearless statement with that kind of power was enlightening. That was my first conversation with him.  I could see in his eyes a pure connection with the same Source in all of us.  He's walking this plane of existence just like all of us...he speaks of no separation...and he walks the same.  Fearlessly's so much easier to live that way.

On stage, he is fearless because he is in alignment with his stage he is the same. He speaks of no separation on stage and his actions off stage reflect his inner knowing. This is what I see.

You think that sounds a bit goofy? Ya know what?

As the moment happened, I felt a great Peace within me in the Knowing that I am on my Soul Path.

I do not believe in coincidence. I do believe in things that happen in our lives which we bring in.  And that Divine Timing guided by my Internal Compass feels wonderful...which is Love.  Thus the hug I suppose.

Agape streams all of their services for free.  Call it "church" if you want, for that is your Divinely respected sacred personal will choosing to do so.  I choose to not label it because it is more than what I have ever experienced and since it is not part of any one religion.

Many people from many religious backgrounds are there to be around other loving and heart-centered people.  How do I know this?  Because I see them there.  And I feel zero separation from all of them.

See for yourself. Click Here and watch.

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