How To Anal Douche PROPERLY!

How To Anal Douche PROPERLY!
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To douche or not to douche? That is the question.

However, the answer is almost always yes. As my fairy godmother once taught me, “When in doubt, douche it out.”

Unfortunately for most gay men who enjoy anal penetration, douching technique is something we usually learn through trial and error. We’re left to figure things out for ourselves, and - at best - hope for some anecdotal wisdom from a more experienced friend. A daughter may ask her mother about tampons and her period, but most gay guys don’t have the luxury of asking family or friends about butt sex.

That’s why I created a how-to guide for anal douching. Sure, it’s not pretty; it’s real and raunchy, but it’s certainly something that I wish existed when I was 16.

You’re welcome.

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