How To Ask A Girl If She's A Lesbian

How To Ask A Girl If She's A Lesbian

Sexuality isn't always an easy thing to figure out.

Particularly if you're a girl at a party and you see another girl across the room you're into.

Is she as into you as you're into her? Is it true love? Is she even into girls?

As YouTuber Hannah Hart learns in the video above, it can be pretty tricky trying to ascertain if someone's queer when you're still at the small talk stage.

So imagine you're talking to this girl, on alert for all the signs she might like women. Maybe she's laughing at everything you say, leaning in, finding excuses to touch your arm. Oh, wait, is that a man's watch? What does that mean? Does it mean what you think it means?

Maybe the best way to find out -- as Hart hilariously learns -- is just to ask.

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