Create A Gorgeous Hummingbird Garden With These Simple Tips

How Anyone Can Attract Hummingbirds To Their Backyard

The first time we saw a hummingbird in the "wild" (read: backyard), we were absolutely amazed at how such a teeny bird could even exist, let alone visit an everyday outdoor space. These itty-bitty jewel-like creatures are a joy to spot in the garden. So, how can we make sure hummingbirds make a return appearance?

The short answer: Sugar. Unlike other birds, which feed on seeds, hummingbirds love nectar. (Here's another fun fact for you: Hummingbirds can live in pretty much any environment, having been spotted in places like Alaska and Arizona.) To make your own hummingbird nectar, boil one-cup sugar and four cups of water. Then, add the nectar to a bird feeder or make your own by watching the video below.

We've long heard that hummingbirds are attracted to the color red. Turns out, they're attracted to all bright colors, which the birds "see" as possible food sources. So, the more bold blooms in your garden, the better. This might be a great time to start on container gardening, where you can instantly add pops of color into the garden without having to wait for a plant to grow and blossom.

And to really get hummingbirds to stop in your yard, make sure that you have plenty of water sources (fountains are great) and shade, where hummingbirds like to rest. Also, the more your spread out your blooms/hummingbird food sources, the better. These delicate birds may not look it, but they're very territorial and aggressive when it comes to other hummingbirds invading their space.

With these tips, you'll soon see a few new little friends in your garden. Already have them? Let us know in the comments how you attracted the birds to your garden!

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