Psychic Says Asking This Big Question Can Help You Attract 'The One'

Dougall Fraser offers some advice and a plan of action for finding the right partner.

When psychic and life coach Dougall Fraser meets with clients, there's one particular topic they're most often interested in: relationships. It's what everyone asks about, he says, and most tend to do so in a very specific way.

"They're always looking for energy outside of themselves. 'These are the qualities I want in another person,'" Fraser explains. "They're so focused on the other individual."

When this happens, Fraser likes to pose a pointed question back to the seeker, and he suggests anyone hoping to find "the one" ask this of themselves as well:

Would you, right now, date yourself?

The reason this question is so important, Fraser says, is because it speaks to the type of energy you put out in the world and to people around you.

"We exude a certain kind of energy. If you're living a full, passionate life, you walk the street and that's how people see you. If you are waiting for someone to 'complete' you, if you wouldn't even take yourself out for coffee, if you wouldn't even take yourself out for dinner, how on earth would anyone see your full potential?" Fraser asks.

Phrased another way: Are you currently in love with your own being?

Once you've answered this question, Fraser then offers a plan of action that he says is crucial in finding the right partner.

"What would you do if you were in a relationship? Does that mean you'd go to the theater? Does that mean you'd travel more? Whatever it is, do that in the moment," he suggests. "Date yourself now... That's how we attract 'the one.'"

Another piece of advice from Fraser:

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