'How To Be A Dad' Video Features Adorable Kids Giving Advice To New Fathers

Nervous about becoming a new father? Don't worry; these kids have you covered.

In an adorable video featured on NPR's "How To Do Everything," a handful of children share their best tips on how to be a dad and, naturally, their words of advice are not only helpful, but downright hilarious.

Inspired by one caller's concerns about entering fatherhood, podcast producers Ian Chillag and Mike Danforth took to Chicago's South Loop Elementary School and spoke to students who were more than eager to divulge top-secret information about parenting.

No. 1 on the list: Dads, please don't kill your offspring. (A popular piece of advice from some very concerned children. Besides, you'll be disqualified from any father-of-the-year contest pretty quickly.)

Other than that, "a dad should never, ever, never, ever say 'Toodles.'" Capish?

For one producer, some particular words of advice definitely brought a smile to his face.

Danforth, who's a father of three children under 7, said she he chuckled when one girl mentioned dads wear tuxedos.

"If that's all it takes ... I'm going to head over to the Men's Warehouse," Danforth told The Huffington Post in a telephone interview.

Despite some hysterical descriptions of what makes a good dad -- "really good eyesight" and "a hairy chest" -- the kids in Ms. Strieter's first grade class managed to surprise Chillag with their dedication to the project.

"They took it really seriously; they really wanted to give good advice to dads," Chillag told HuffPost.

And if these adorable tips don't come in handy for fathers-to-be, Danforth has some final words of wisdom: "Laugh at your kids' jokes. Teach them to be funny, or at least think they're funny."

Well, it looks as if these kids' fathers can check that off their list.