How to Be a Goal Digger in New York City

They say "If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere." After growing up in Boston, living in Los Angeles for six years and now residing in New York for the last two years, I definitely understand the grind of New York City. New York will make you a hustler, it will make you a believer, and it can also make you broke. The streets are overpopulated with millions of people with millions of dreams, agendas and goals. There is no room for the sluggish. New York will bring out the competition in you, not just to compete with others, but to compete with yourself to become the best person you've always imagined possible.

As a daughter of immigrants and Vietnamese refugees, I've always been inspired by the idea of self-made success in America. To capture these stories for the DIY generation, I created a documentary series about creative entrepreneurs in New York City, called "Makers Lane." Through personal storytelling and creative business ventures, I hope to inspire people to think outside the box, challenge convention and live life courageously and passionately.

This January, I will be releasing a new episode of Maker's Lane every Wednesday for all the re-inspired and consistently engaged go-getters. Whether you believe in New Year's Resolutions or not, it's never a bad time to commit to some goals. Keeping them is the challenge.

Whatever your dream is, get inspiration and advice from some of New York's finest hustlers this month, featuring:

Watch the 60 second trailer above to hear some snippets about being an entrepreneur in New York City.

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Happy New Year! Get ready for some goal digging vibes!

This series is presented in collaboration with The Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center
Trailer featuring music by Brooklyn-based Brass Tracks