The Importance Of Being A Good Listener (VIDEO)

WATCH: Easy Tips For Being A Better Listener

People love good listeners. Giving your full attention in a conversation is a universally admirable trait, but everyone has experienced a time when it seems nearly impossible to really listen.

As tough as it can be sometimes, mastering the art of listening and giving full, undivided attention is the key to efficient interaction with friends, peers and colleagues. Just ask Bill Clinton.

HuffPost Live's Dena Takruri got the scoop on how to train yourself to be a good listener and offer undivided attention to the people who want to share with you.

"It takes a lot of energy to listen," said Dr. Pamela Cooper, a communications professor and vice president of the International Listening Association. "We can process 400 words a minute in our brain, but we speak at 125, so we've got some time lags there and we have a tendency to wander off."

But listeners can stay focused by employing simple tactics like paraphrasing what you've heard so the person you're talking with can affirm that you've understood, or correct what you got wrong.

"Say, 'Wait, is what you mean thus and such?' The other person can know whether what they spoke was what you actually heard and processed in the way they wanted you to," Cooper said.

Hear more tips for good listening in the video above and study up even further with this advice.

Catch all the full conversation about being the best listener at HuffPost Live HERE.

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