How To Be A More Confident You!

Confidence! That word holds something so many wish they had more of, and something people too often lack. Everyone should have confidence in themselves, in their beauty, beliefs and the life they lead. Too often in today’s society and ever connected world having steadfast confidence can be such a challenge.

Social media is addicting and something so many people partake in. We all are aware of social media and the advantages and disadvantages. One thing that happens too often through social media is comparisons, comparing one’s beauty to another’s, relationship goals, and so much more. With all the comparisons it can easily feel like we don't measure up or we aren't as great as the other because of numbers that signify “likes” and approval of others we so desperately long for.

One thing to remember to do less of is comparisons and one thing you will gain more of is confidence! Everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way and it should be something to embrace. It’s taken me over 18 years to embrace the fact that every single person is beautiful, including myself and I need to embrace that. With that realization it has helped me become a lot more confident and revealed to me that there are a lot of factors that play into confidence! Being a confident person takes work and continuous effort on the individual’s part but I have complied some of my best tips to help assist in the walk with confidence!

1. Stop comparing yourself

Stop comparing yourself to others! You are great the way you are, you are beautiful and more than enough! You don’t have to ever admire someone’s else beauty and begin to question your own. You are beautiful and it might be hard for you to see sometimes, but its true!

2. Realize numbers don’t define you

Numbers can’t tell you what you are worth! Not the number on a scale, or likes on a picture, what someone rates you as, your grades, they can’t and will never define you! Don’t put too much thought to the numbers just give your all into everything and do the best you can do!

3. Accept that not everyone is always going to like you

Not everyone will like you but that’s okay because the people who truly matter are the ones who do! This can be hard to accept, but with this comes confidence in the fact that you are not on this earth to please other people!

4. Take care of yourself

This has been said time and time again but is true, when you look good you feel go. What ever you do that makes you feel good and beautiful, do it! If that is wearing short hair, sweats and a t shirt, heels, whatever that is, wear it and be confident that you feel great and look even better!

5. Write notes to yourself

Write notes to yourself telling you what you like about You! When you are just feeling yourself having a confident day write down what makes you love you! That way when you feel down you can go back and read those thing and remind yourself how great you are! You can put these notes on your mirror, your phone, anywhere you will be able to go and look when you need a confidence boost!

6. Do things that make you happy

When we do things we like doing that makes us happy we feel good and can be confident in the activities we are filling our day with. If you like painting, running, making movies, being with friends, shopping do that. Do things that you can be proud of and that you can feel confident doing.

7. Ditch the negativity

One big thing that can hold anyone back from being their most confident self is negative people or things around them. If you have friends that just tear you down and make you feel bad about yourself then don't keep them around. Find people and things that build you up!

8. Accept haters are really just fans incognito

People who are actively trying to bring you down and bully are probably really insecure with themselves and project that on to others! It’s important to realize that the people who are mean don't matter and the people who really truly love you will only want to see you smiling!

9. Learn that you are unstoppable

Believe in yourself because you are unstoppable and you can achieve everything! If you have a goal and it can make a positive impact on others you can achieve it! You are just as capable of being a star as anyone!

10. Be kind to yourself

Remember to be kind to yourself. It’s easy to be your own worst enemy and biggest critic but it’s important to be kind to yourself. If you are doing the best you can do than that’s all you can ask for. You are going to mess up and hit some road bumps but that’s part of life so don't beat yourself up about little things!

Confidence is a marathon not a sprint! It takes time, effort and practice! These were my best tips that help remind me to stay confident and hopefully you will find them useful as well. Just remember you are beautiful, you are unstoppable, and be confident in those two things.

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