The Role Of The Man In The Family

Men: How are you measuring up?

If a man makes a good living at work and is a loving father but can’t say “I love you” to his wife, then is he still fulfilling his role? If he’s an excellent provider materially — but not spiritually or emotionally — how is he measuring up? What exactly should be his role anyway? The role of a man may be evolving, but one thing has not changed, according to Dr. Phil: It’s a privilege that comes with a lot of responsibility.

Here are four roles he thinks men should embrace:

A Provider
Most men believe that being a good provider means supporting a family financially. It means much more than that. A man should also contribute to the emotional, spiritual, physical and mental well-being of his family. In order to do this, he must recognize that there are other currencies, in addition to money, that need to be provided.

A Protector
This means more than beating up the guy next door if he insults your wife. It means protecting her self-esteem and self-worth as well as your children's. It can also mean protecting your way of life and guarding against any threats to the things that you and your family value.

A Leader
Instead of waiting for your wife to take the initiative when you are having problems, take the lead. Get in the game and create what you want in your family instead of whining about your family situation. Marriage is not a 50/50 partnership. It's a 100/100 partnership. That means everyone needs to give 100 percent in order for it to thrive. Remember, you get what you give.

A Teacher
What are you teaching those around you — especially your children — with your behavior? It's important to provide a good example for your children, loved ones and community with both words and deeds. Set high standards and teach by doing.

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