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How to Be Authentic in an Increasingly Inauthentic World

Remember, in a world that is increasingly out of touch with true authenticity, the most impactful thing you can do is to simply own who you are.
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freedom concept, woman with arms raised in sunset field.
freedom concept, woman with arms raised in sunset field.

One of the greatest struggles I have faced, is to feel completely authentic with who I am.

I've changed my hair, transformed my lifestyle, moved cities, and even switched careers all in an attempt to further create my true soul identity; and yet there are still days where I'm unsettled and unsure.

We live in a world where we are all yearning for a deeper sense of authenticity. We want to feel connected and to feel a sense of realness as we navigate our lives. Instead we are faced with a society that increasingly captures the contrived.

Social media is the perfect example of this. We get lost in the highlight reels of others while creating our own picture perfect realities. I know many of us aim to present a positive message with our platforms, which is amazing -- but still -- it becomes really easy to forget that we are not alone in the everyday struggles we each face.

Whenever I'm on social media for too long I can actually feel my anxiety start to flare up. This is most likely triggered by the comparison that comes up when I see all the immaculate feeds of the people I follow. In fact, researchers at the University of Missouri have found that Facebook use can evoke feelings of envy and can lead to symptoms of depression.

This isn't all to say that we are powerless against these external influences, but rather to acknowledge that there is an effect and it can drive how we see ourselves.

Thankfully, you have the power to change this.

It can be tough because who we are is usually not in sync with who we are told to be by the societal messaging that exists.

Your identity runs deep. It includes both the light and the dark, and by every means -- there is no greater success in this world than having the daring courage to be your most authentic self.

Your life is your legacy and it's the differences between everyone's legacies that make this lifetime so very special.

Now is the time to tap in and make sure that your legacy is aligned with who you really are and your true purpose.

Here's how you can activate your own sense of deeper authenticity:

1. Seek out your three core values

Living your life based on your three core values allows you to stay grounded in who you are and who you want to become. Every choice I make is guided by whether or not it reflects my three core values of freedom, truth, and connection. This establishes a frame of mind that you can use as a frame of reference when making decisions whether big or small.

What you can do: Discover your own three core values by envisioning your most beautiful dream life and extracting the values it embodies.

2. Unveil your imperfections

Hiding your so-called imperfections only solidifies a sense of inauthenticity. When you reveal your truest self, you regain your sense of ownership and inner power. Accepting yourself fully, both the good and the more transformable pieces, opens up the space for a deeper evolution of character.

What you can do: Make room in your life to process your struggles by writing them down. When you transfer your fears and insecurities onto paper, you are essentially facing them head-on and reducing their influence.

3. Replace fear with truth

Learning to be your most authentic self is scary. With it comes judgment, whether real or perceived, and the inevitable question: Will I still be loved for who I really am? This fear can be suffocating and it can push you to further wear masks containing pieces of other less risky identities.

What you can do: Whenever this fear arises connect to your deepest self and ask, "Am I being true to my soul?" If the answer is yes, then you must breathe deeply, be brave, and let that fear pass. The more you do this, the more connected you will be to your authentic identity.


Remember, in a world that is increasingly out of touch with true authenticity, the most impactful thing you can do is to simply own who you are.

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