How To Be Calm For Your Walk Down The Aisle

Brides are often afraid of crying, tripping, shaking and losing their ground as they walk down the aisle. It is important to get a grip on anxiety so that it does not get a grip on you on your big day.
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Some brides have anxiety about walking down the aisle on their wedding day. The anticipation of the big day, the idea of all eyes on them as they walk, and the thought of standing at the altar to be wed can make even the calmest brides feel a tad nervous. A few butterflies in the tummy and wedding day jitters are completely natural!

Unfortunately, some brides find themselves very on edge, or they are distracted, shaky and so nervous and stressed they can barely focus. I have seen gorgeous, glorious brides come to the wedding altar with eyes so wide with fear that they looked as if they were lambs being led to slaughter.

One of the biggest worries brides express is how they will hold it together as they walk down the aisle. They are afraid of crying, tripping, shaking and losing their ground. It is important to get a grip on anxiety so that it does not get a grip on you on your big day.

Here are some tips for trading nervousness for calm and to help you lighten up on your wedding day:

Manage your time on your wedding day: Start stress reduction early in the day. Nothing is more flustering to a bride -- and her groom -- than running late on your wedding day. Create a time line that includes everything from your morning shower and coffee, to leaving for the ceremony and taking photos, and stick as close to it as possible. Take control of time on your wedding day so that it does not take control of you. Losing track of time can add stress to your day and turn the natural butterflies in the tummy into high anxiety. It sets you up for a shaky walk down the aisle.

Take a few minutes for you -- or you two: Leave yourself a few moments to chill out before you walk down the aisle. This means ... if you are taking photos, stop at least a half hour before "show time." If you are chatting with guests, excuse yourself and pull away from the crowd. Go to the bridal suite, fix make-up and hair, take care of last minute self-care, pop in a breath mint ... and then sit quietly by yourself. And breathe. If you are seeing each other before the ceremony, spend a few moments relaxing together, holding hands, to calm your nerves.

Ground yourself, yet honor nervousness: As you get ready to take your walk, stand for a moment, hands on belly, and feel your feet firmly planted on the ground. Feel the support of the earth beneath you. Imagine you are strong as a tree, yet flexible as the branches and leaves that blow in the wind. When you feel centered, it is time to walk. If you feel nervous, allow it to be there. It's okay. You can be centered and feel the tingle of nervous excitement all at the same time. Nervousness is just excitement that has yet to be expressed. And what an exciting day this is!

Remember the gift at the end of the aisle: If you at any time feel jittery ... or concerned that your lips are quivering as you try to smile ... or worried that you seem too stiff ... or that you are walking to fast ... just look up: Your beloved will be there. Nervousness often subsides when you look up and realize true love awaits you. Keep your gaze on the one you love as you make your way to the wedding altar. The love in their eyes will calm you and guide you.

Stay present: Don't risk missing it all, or remembering it as a blur, because you were too busy agonizing over the details and the drama. Trust that your wedding will unfold as it is meant to be and it will be perfect for you as it unfolds. If you can stay present -- rather than worrying or dazing out -- you can look one another in the eyes at the wedding altar and remember the power of that moment for the rest of your lives!

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