How To Be Fit, Eat Right And Still Have A Life

The biggest question that I get is: how do you stay fit and still have a life? Well, it is easier then you think. It just takes a twist in your perspective.
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We watch celebs go through it, our friends and family members go through it, our co-workers, strangers and sometimes we go through it ourselves. It's the realization that we have a choice, we have power and we control over whether we follow through with our own decisions. Once we grasp this, the transformation begins!

Two recent celebrity examples of this are Kelly Osbourne and Jennifer Hudson. They each remembered that they have a choice with what and how much to eat. And that it is up each gal to fit working out into her schedule. Kelly hired a trainer and Jennifer sought out Weight Watchers but ultimately each woman found her own power. I am not saying this is easy to find and navigate (and neither is anyone else) but it is readily available to all of us at any time.

The biggest question that I get is: how do you do this and still have a life? Well, it is easier then you think. It just takes a twist in your perspective.

This one can take practice. Us gals tend to have a harder time with it then guys because we are multi-taskers and are socialized to give more then we take for ourselves. Plus we really aren't that convinced that small amounts of exercise really help us. Let's put these thoughts aside, shall we? Here is a challenging fitness example: Recently I have been hosting family in L.A. and then traveling to Connecticut and New York for lots of social functions. My schedule has been off -- really wacky -- and it has been almost impossible to find time to workout. I had to remember to not be too co-dependent on others that I couldn't say, "Hey, I am going to have 30 minutes to myself this morning (or evening or afternoon)," and then coordinate with others or wake up early to have my time. I would even do pushups, planks or lunges in the bathroom in the morning or throughout the day when I needed to. Having my phone or iPad was helpful in grabbing quick workout routines. Then I would look ahead in my schedule to plan a longer workout, and treat it as an important appointment. I know this seems hard, but you have to do it if you want the results. With a little practice, it is actually manageable.

You've had a really good day of eating and now your best friend wants to stop at a cupcake shop on the way home and sit and eat cupcakes and have girl-talk time. First, make your choice: Do you want to have a bite or three of a cupcake? (And by the way, it is certainly fine if you do!) If you do, then either ask to share one or order your own and know that you are only going to eat a small bit then toss the rest. If you don't want any cupcake, suggest you stop for tea or coffee instead. Contrary to what we might think, your girl-talk time is not contingent on eating an entire cupcake. The key is to not make a huge deal of not eating the whole cupcake or even not wanting one. Instead, make that secondary to wanting to hang with your pal. Being social is key to our happiness -- but extra calories and sugar are not.

A second example: business dinners, lunches, or other social obligations that involve eating and drinking. Again, make your focus the social aspect, not the food. Make a choice going in about how much you truly want to or need to eat and drink. Keep this to yourself, but follow your own plan but focus on having a good time.

The different scenarios take practice and allowing yourself to have a little bit can be hard, but really it all begins with realizing you have a choice. You are never a victim of your circumstance. I don't really drink alcohol and I don't eat too much high fat/high sugar foods and I attend a lot of social functions. However, no one really notices either way, because I am more focused on being social then making my food and drink choices the center of attention. You can have firm personal choices without necessarily making them public.

Bottom line -- we always have options. We are in control. Start by giving it a try today and for the rest of this week, and see how good owning your power makes you feel!

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