How To Be A Symbol Of Generosity To Others (PHOTOS)

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By Rob White

Human generosity is not only a foundational quality of humanity, it is a great demonstration of cooperation in action. The genius of human generosity is found in the demonstration of the ordinary, everyday, unassuming "guru" who shows up unexpectedly. This guru offers just the right comfort and encouragement, which is the greatest blessing one can receive in challenging moments of need. An ordinary, everyday, unassuming guru is anyone who reaches down to lift someone up by offering a helping hand or insightful tip. Want to be this symbol in someone's life? Check out the five tips below.

Rob White
Gurus comfort others and give them inner-strength by patiently helping them to see things differently.
Rob White
The guru does not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are capable of achieving.
Rob White
Gurus will remind you that the defeat you see and feel is temporary -- triumph is still possible.
Rob White
Gurus not only encourage you to look at what is happening, but to look at things that are not yet seen -- the blessings and good that can come from moments of misery.
Rob White
Gurus motivate you to stand fast and hold tight to the values that are healthy and right for you.

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