The Most Helpful Advice From Twitter On Being A Good Co-Worker

Some people think that LinkedIn is the only place to go for career advice. And while it’s a great place to network, it’s not the end-all-be-all for professional guidance.

For some quick tips, there’s another medium you can read through a whole lot faster -- because its recommendations are all in 140-characters or less.

To keep you both professional and #trending in the office, we’ve partnered with State Farm to find the most helpful tweets about being a good coworker.


What does it mean to be accountable? Stop making excuses, be on time and follow through on what you say you’re going to do -- all qualities that make for a better coworker, according to author and business expert Sam Silverstein.


One of the best attributes a coworker can have is helping a teammate through a rough day. Invite them on a walk: stepping outside in the sun for Vitamin D can help prevent crankiness in the office.


This advice can go for any job, and reminds us why it’s important to practice work karma. Eventually, the tables will turn and you’ll need to reap the benefits of a helpful coworker.


Mutually respecting and enjoying the people you work with contributes to your future success, according to career community CareerBliss. To be a good coworker every day, their experts remind us to keep office volume low and avoid interrupting other’s thoughts.


The bottom line? Your career is bigger than your ego. Erin Kennedy, a professional resume writer and career consultant, also tweets about prepping for job interviews, perfecting your resume and best practices for both employees and employers.


Salam Slimsaad is a blogger, editor, and etiquette and image consultant. While her Twitter feed is full of everyday etiquette advice, her coworking guidance is straightforward: work gossip is off limits.


This teaser warns that comparing yourself to another employee can foster a toxic environment and hold you back professionally. A good coworker appreciates his or her office mates -- which can in turn, help their own career flourish.


One way to be a better coworker? Become a team player. This article quotes Ray Cohen, a career coach who advises professionals to never throw colleagues under the bus. Cohen explains, “Colleagues who trust and admire you will be your best support system to promote your reputation as desirable and valuable.”

Now that you know how to maintain a healthier work life, let State Farm help boost your confidence in the other areas of your life.