Children's Books At Harrods Leave TV Producer 'Shocked And Appalled' (PHOTOS)

Should it be removed from shelves?

Just months after London department store Harrods unveiled a "gender-neutral" toy department for kids, a photo that's making rounds on Twitter suggests that the store hasn't completely done away with gender marketing. London TV producer Krystina Meens posted this image of two children's books placed next to each other.

The book on the left, with a girl on the cover, is described on Amazon as a guide that's "all you need to become a gorgeous goddess." The book on the right, with a boy on the cover, is marketed as a how-to guide to "becoming or just appearing highly intelligent."

Though it's unclear if Harrods had the books positioned that way, or if Meens re-arragned them for the photo, the juxtaposition of them next to each other has started a controversy on Twitter. Within hours of the post, more than 400 people retweeted Meens' request to get the books removed from shelves. She clarified in a later tweet that she doesn't believe the "smart one" -- referring to How To Be Clever -- needs to go, "it just shouldn't only have a boy on the front cover."

Self-proclaimed "feminist enforcer" Amy Jennings was just one of several responders offended by the photo. "That is utterly abhorrent and potentially so very damaging to girls. Despicable," she tweeted.

Luckily, there is no shortage of books with positive messages for children. Here's a list of 50 inspiring kids' books courtesy of Julie Handler of Positively Positive:

50 Children's Books with a Positive Message

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