Lady Gaga Celebrates 'Shallow' Co-Writer Mark Ronson In New Documentary

YouTube's "How To Be: Mark Ronson" looks at the musician and megaproducer, who has worked with Bruno Mars and Amy Winehouse.

A year after “A Star Is Born” became a box office smash, Lady Gaga continues to sing the praises of Mark Ronson, with whom she co-wrote the film’s Academy Award-winning soundtrack.

Gaga and Bradley Cooper, her “Star Is Born” co-star and director, both appear in the trailer for “How To Be: Mark Ronson,” a feature-length documentary to be released on YouTube Saturday.

Directed by Carl Hindmarch, the film profiles Ronson, a seven-time Grammy-winning musician and producer whose roster of A-list collaborators also includes Amy Winehouse, Bruno Mars and Miley Cyrus.

“[Ronson] is one of the greatest musicians and producers of our time,” Gaga says in the trailer (watch above). Meanwhile, Cooper calls Ronson “a film nerd, but he’s the coolest guy there is.”

Much of the trailer shows Ronson in the studio as he works on his latest album, “Late Night Feelings.” According to press notes, the film also sees him reflecting on his trans-Atlantic childhood, his ascent in the music industry and the experience of working with Winehouse on her seminal 2006 album, “Back to Black.”

The Oscar-winning success of the song “Shallow” from “A Star Is Born,” as well as the June release of “Late Night Feelings,” has raised Ronson’s profile substantially over the past year. At present, he’s reportedly working with singer-songwriter Yebba on her forthcoming debut album.

Ronson faced a backlash last month, however, when he glibly called himself a “sapiosexual” in a “Good Morning Britain” interview. Psychology Today defines a sapiosexual person as “someone who finds intelligence and the human mind to be the most sexually attractive feature for a potential sexual relationship.” It’s a concept that critics have argued is, at best, a pretentious way of saying you’re smart and, at worst, “reinforces damaging traditional notions of what it means to be intelligent.”

Some people on social media felt that Ronson was co-opting an LGBTQ-specific narrative when the media dubbed his remarks a “coming out.” (Ronson himself had not used that term.) He later apologized for his comments.

How To Be: Mark Ronson” debuts on YouTube on Oct. 12.