5 Ways To Be Kindhearted To Yourself And Others (PHOTOS)

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By Rob White

Previously, we shared five ways that life sends us ordinary, unassuming gurus who are great symbols of generosity toward others. These ordinary people show up in everyone’s life, every day, and put the beauty of generosity on display.

Whenever someone demonstrates integrity toward humanity by acting in a joyful and noble way, they are serving the role of unassuming guru. Joy and freedom, and respect for oneself and others -- all are signs of someone who exhibits generosity of expression.

So how can we make ourselves more kindhearted through our actions? Here are five more examples of ordinary, everyday acts that give us clues on how to be generous with ourselves and others in unspoken ways.

Rob White
The right way to love is to love without having to be right about anything.
Rob White
When we think rules are more important than fun, we miss out on the fun.
Rob White
With training comes confidence -- that’s the real prize.
Rob White
When you win and you’re humble, it hurts far less when you lose.
Rob White
Happiness isn’t gimme, gimme, gimme -- it’s benevolent harmony.

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