How To Be Organized: Hang A Pegboard

Pegboard: Not Just For Garages Anymore

Hanging up a pegboard is not only an excellent way to keep everyday items easily accessible and organized, it's also a great use of wall space -- whether it's in a small compact apartment or a roomy garage. Moreover, a pegboard is a cost-effective alternative to pricier storage systems. So, when our in-house photographer Bobby Doherty informed us that he recently installed a pegboard in his tiny Brooklyn apartment, we asked him to show us how he uses it as both an organizing system and a visual display for things that he loves.

Photo by Bobby Doherty

One of the advantages of pegboards is its versatility. You can easily add on shelves and hooks to accommodate everything from books above a desk (as Bobby has done) to cookware on a wall in the kitchen. And a pegboard can be an especially useful organizing system in a large space, like this sewing workshop where spools of thread and photos are neatly arranged along one wall.

An important thing to keep in mind when hanging a pegboard is that it needs to be slightly raised away from the wall, so hooks can be freely inserted (or rearranged) through the board. A simple way to raise the pegboard is to attach wood strips on the back of the board along the top and bottom. Then, drill the corners into the wall.

A pegboard doesn't have to be completely utilitarian. It can also double as an showcase for artwork and photos, which you can switch up whenever the mood strikes. And if you're looking to make your pegboard pop, try spray painting it a bright color. Or, go with metal, like in the video below.

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