How to Be the Best Woman in the Binder

As Co-founder, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus Media (, the No. 1 online community for college women with chapters at 200+ colleges nationwide, I see a lot of resumes.

Binders full of resumes, actually, almost all from women who aspire to be the next big star for our three-year-old thriving company.

All Mitt Romney comparisons aside, here is what I look for in prospective female employees, many of whom are seeking internships and entry-level jobs for the very first time.

Tips For Being The Best Woman In The Binder

Nail The Cover Letter
Tell us what you can do for our company in your cover letter. Not what you've done previously.

Have an Elevator Pitch
We needed an elevator pitch to sell our company to sponsors and potential investors. If you can sell your talents and abilities in 30-60 seconds, we'll think very highly of you.

Dress the Part
We're a fashion and lifestyle publication, not Wall Street. Show your class with a little bit of sass. That being said, do keep it on the conservative side.

Do Your Homework
You know about us? That's great. You know about Her Campus and how it stacks up against the competition? Even better. You know about Her Campus and what we need to do to beat our competitors? We'll probably let you show us what you've got.

Mind Your Manners
Despite what both Presidential candidates may think, respect hasn't gone by the wayside. Sending a thank you note via email within 24 hours of your interview is a standard requirement in 2012. Sending a follow-up to that thank you note via snail mail earns you extra brownie points.

Follow these tips in your career endeavors, and you'll be sure to make your way out of the binder in no time.