Let This Video Show You How To Beat Your Holiday Stress

You'll swear you can feel the cool grass between your toes.

Ah, the holidays. That glorious time of year when you get to gorge on your mom’s perfect pecan pie while catching up with your favorite cousins at your grandparents’ house. Unfortunately, it’s also the time when you have to be on round-the-clock peacekeeping duty, guarding against migraine-inducing political arguments, as well as that one uncle’s tendency to hit the vino too hard and drop truth bombs exactly no one needed to hear. You’re going to want a secret weapon to combat seasonal stress ― but not to worry, we’ve got your back.

In partnership with United Polaris, HuffPost RYOT is bringing you a 360 guided meditation video to soothe your nerves. Immerse yourself in a golden ocean sunrise and a quiet forestscape, among other calming vistas, and let your tensions melt away. This just might be the most relaxing holiday season ever.

United Polaris is United Airlines’ all-new business class service, featuring a reimagined, built-from-scratch experience that prioritizes sleep and rest with the goal of making weary business travel a relic of the past.