"How To" Beauty - Foundation: Eliminating Rosacea to create a Flawless Face

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Amelia, like many women (me included) has Rosacea, so her skin gets red and blotchy. She is also very fair so covering up the redness without looking chalky tends to be a challenge. Eve Pearl will bring out Amelia's natural beauty and not get distracted by her rosacea.

Using an HD Dual Foundation (formulated for sensitive skin) Eve will even out Amelia's skin tone.


Step 1: Our goal is to make Amelia's face match the rest of her body. We'll start by using the HD Dual Foundation. Apply the darker side on the cheeks and nose to get rid of the redness, and the lighter side below the cheeks and on the jawline to blend into her neck and match the rest of her body.


Step 2: This is called "REVERSE CONTOURING." Contrary to everything we've been taught, applying the darker foundation shade on the T-Zone and the lighter shade below will actually eliminate the discoloration and create a defined cheekbone! APPLICATION: The darker color is used on the cheekbone, forehead, nose, and center of the chin. This will eliminate the redness. The lighter color is used on the eye lids, around the lips and along the jawline. The lighter shade will match the neck. (NOTE: If your neck and rest of the body is darker, use the darker shade only around the actual jawline to help match your neck and body color...or you can also use blush or a darker powder).

Step 3: Take a damp sponge (latex-free will give you the best results), blend the foundation with smooth strokes. This will create a flawless and even skin tone to ensure the face will match the rest of the body. (TIP: You can have your foundation go from full coverage to very sheer by simply wetting the sponge. The more sheer you want the foundation the more water you use on the sponge. A small spray bottle makes dampening the sponge easy. Just fill it with water from your tap.)


Step 4: Use Salmon Concealer (Shade: Light/Medium) with a concealer brush, apply gently under the eyes. The salmon tone of the concealer neutralizes any dark circles around the eye area. Keep in mind as well that concealer can also be used for acne scars, discoloration, freckles, etc!

Step 5: Blend with the same sponge. (TIP: Applying foundation first and then applying concealer will actually save time. This way you only apply concealer where you need it instead of applying it first and then again after the foundation in additional necessary areas.)


Step 6: Powder is the best tool to set the foundation and keep it from moving. MYTH: Powder will create lines and make you look old. Not true! Pressed Powder (Amelia's Shade: Light) will help set the foundation and actually keep it from setting into the lines. A Powder Puff will help the powder set that foundation in place. (TIP: With a damp sponge, you can actually turn the Pressed Powder into a foundation for more coverage.)


The final result is natural, smooth coverage and flawless complexion!

You can also watch a video of all the above here, at Stylelist.

The products used are listed below. For more information please visit us at www.EvePearl.com

Ashley Gullotta for Eve Pearl

All Products Used are EVE PEARL®:


EP High Definition Dual Foundation


EP Foundation Brush #101


EP Dual Salmon Concealer


EP Concealer Brush #102


EP High Definition Dual Pressed Powder

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