How to Become a Digital Marketing Pro

The trial of the marketer has always been to go to where his audience is, and present his ideas in the most easily digestible fashion. However, "where" the audience is isn't where it used to be. As our world becomes more and more digital, our marketing strategies follow. The days of physical marketing - flyers, billboards, posters, handouts - are giving way to a new era of avant-garde media, in the form of online ads, SEOs, and digital content.

Here are several ways that you can harness digital strategies to become a marketing pro:

Optimize your landing page
Having an effective landing page is critical for converting leads and building a sales pipeline. However, these days online advertising and websites are everywhere. The challenge is thus to make your web page attractive enough for a user to stay, get engaged, and be drawn into your product. Converting a lead to a potential customer requires, among other tools, an effective landing page. To do this, there are a few key strategies to keep in mind include removing distractions, creating a sense of urgency, capturing their email, and making your message clear. Using these strategies can help you be a part of the top 10% of landing pages, which perform three to fives times better than the average.

Having too many adds will make your website look tacky. Too much information will only confuse and distract your viewers from seeing your main message. Remember to try and see your landing page through the eyes of your viewer. You want to present your message in a clear and concise fashion, to make sure that the viewer is able to easily understand your message.
Creating a sense of urgency can help compel your viewer to follow through with your call to action. Whether it is a time-sensitive price, or an item that is expiring, giving the user a reason to act now can often mean the difference between obtaining them as a customer and losing them entirely. Often, a viewer will look at your website once and then never come back to it again, and so you want to make it count.
When you have someone go to your landing page, obtaining their email will enable you to convert them into a lead. To do this, simply place a section where viewers can put in their email, and offer them an incentive to do so.
Making your message clear is fundamental for a landing page. Make sure to get right to your point with information that gives the viewer the full picture of what you do.
In addition to these strategies, there are several other methods you can employ to optimize your landing page.

Employing the right tactics can help you drastically increase your visitor-to-lead conversion. A successful example of this is Hubspot, who boasts a conversion rate of 36%.

Use the right strategies

Effective digital marketing requires more than just throwing up adds on a webpage. There are various targeted strategies you can employ to increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaign and more directly reach your audience. To name a few, consider online behavioral advertising, influencer marketing, collaborative environment, and segmentation.
Make sure to use online behavioral advertising. This method involves collecting data about a user's digital activity over a period of time, and utilizing this data to deliver the appropriate adds that are specific to the user's preferences and interests. If you can afford the staff and the software, behavioral advertising is an effective method and something you can easily implement with an existing platform such as facebook.
Influencer Marketing, another key strategy, uses the term "influencer" to describe a node that is identified within an affiliated community. Thus, Influencer Marketing functions by targeting the node rather than the user or individual. You can utilize influencer marketing to reach an audience through paid advertising and through CRMs (Customer relationship management.) For many companies, influencer marketing is key for lead generation.

Collaborative Environment is the idea that you can leverage your existing relationships with your digital agencies and technology service provider to perform a marketing group-effort. By sharing resources with your services providers, you are able to increase communication and optimize effort.
Segmentation, simply put, is the principle that you ought to find your target market, and market to them specifically. Remember that the best digital marketing campaign is not to choose one or two of these ideas, but to incorporate them into a collaborate effort to maximize your digital marketing efforts.