Feeling Dirty? We Know How To Make You A Real Lady (Or Lord)

Need something to lord over your friends? How about a royal-sounding title in front of your name?

The HuffPost Weird News team became real Lords and Ladies this week, and all it took was buying a square-foot plot in Scotland for $50. Stephen Rossiter of Highland Titles sat down for the HuffPost Weird News Podcast -- which you can download, subscribe to and rate on iTunes -- to promise that his program isn't as intangible as the International Star Registry, because your cash goes toward a real plot of land that you can go stand on.

We now own a plot on the Glencoe Wood Nature Reserve (though we can't build any permanent structures there, sadly) and we invite you to do the same. Lords and Ladies of Weird, let's take over Scotland. Listen to our podcast below to find out how, and get your titles here.

And unlike most of the do-nothing, inbred royals you read about in celebrity rags, you can be a lord or lady who actually does something. All proceeds go to protect Scotland's famed countryside.

From now on, please refer to me by the titled bestowed upon me by God and Scotland: Lord Andy Campbell pic.twitter.com/UE7icu61Ls

— Andy Campbell (@AndyBCampbell) December 2, 2014