How to Become a Powerful 'Manifestor' -- 10 Keys to Make 2016 Your Best Year

"You have to participate relentlessly in the manifestation of your own blessings." -- Elizabeth Gilbert

Becoming a powerful manifestor is like everything else in life: It takes consistent work, belief, and practice. We all have the capacity to create the deepest desires of our heart, but it begins with us believing, first, that we are the co-creator of our desires. Once we recognize the active role we each play in manifesting our desires, the fun begins. We can set out each day to assiduously and consistently bring our desires to us.

Long before I knew what a manifestor was, I was creating many desires Spirit placed on my heart. How you might ask? Well, it started with a belief and a vision. Yes that's it. A simple, yet powerful belief that I was capable of doing anything, Followed by my consistent action which aligned with my beliefs and desires. Whether it was telling myself for years that I would be a student at UC Berkeley and at 18 years old saying I would one day live in New York City.

Yet once I discovered and understood the advanced powers of a manifestor, I studied and put the practices to work. I began manifesting things more quickly into my life. Recently, when I set the intention that I would live on an island, I practiced the work outlined here, and my opportunity to live by sea came within under a year. I have manifested powerful relationships, beautiful chance encounters, and trips to dream destinations, a co-authored book, and my own business and life's purpose as a Coach, Teacher, and Healer. Manifesting my passion as a Coach and Teacher is allowing me to manifest my other dreams of teaching and inspiring people from around the world.

Manifesting desires is not unique to me. We all have the ability to create our dreams and desires. However, it is an active and involved process. Here I outline 10 different practical tools, which I utilize in my own life, to help you become a powerful manifestor and create your dreams in 2016.

1. Love yourself toward your dreams and goals

The first step toward creating any change in our lives is to love and accept ourselves. That means embracing our flaws, shortcomings, negative thoughts, negative beliefs, as well as our negative emotions, as we grow each day toward improvement. Each of us are worthy of our desires even before we manifest them, regardless of the negative beliefs we may keep about ourselves. Loving our way toward our dreams and goals is one of the most powerful tools to creating them. Accept who you are today and commit to the practice of growing and becoming better each day.

2. Become crystal clear on your desires

What are your deepest desires and where do they stem from? In order to manifest or create anything new into our lives we must first know the origin of our desires. Are they desires derived from the Ego or the Soul? Fear is the governing force behind the Ego so it will always seek things and people that will falsely eradicate its sense of fear. For instance, do you desire a relationship out of a fear of being alone or unloved? Do you want a new home or new car in order to seek approval of or to impress others? Or perhaps your intention to lose weight is to gain the attention of a potential suitor or to fit into an outfit for a special event, rather than out of self-love and self-respect toward your health and body. Because of their illusory effect, Ego intentions, will either be difficult to manifest or will have an ephemeral nature once manifested. They will never create lasting happiness.

Whereas Soul-Intentions, which derive from our highest and truest Self, will be those desires that align with our greater path and purpose. They are desires that call out from our Spirit, which will always lead us to more love and joy. Not only for us but also for those directly and indirectly involved. Our Soul desires what's best for us and will guide us to the things, people, events, and circumstances that will fulfill our greater purpose.

It is also paramount to contemplate whether the desires for your life belong to you or to your family of origin, your religious institution, or your community. Often times the desires we hold onto the strongest are those that were inculcated into our minds during childhood from perhaps our parents and society, or from previous familial generations. Maybe everyone in your family has gone to college and become doctors, so naturally you may feel inclined to continue the tradition. But is it naturally your own desire? Or is your desire to have a baby and a family your own wish or the expectation of your family and society?

3. Release Fear and UN-Forgiveness

If you want to become a powerful manifestor you have to drop these two pesters from your life. If not addressed properly and used to grow and evolve your soul, fear and un-forgiveness can wreak havoc in your life and be your greatest foes in keeping your desires away. Nothing creates a greater impasse to manifesting our desires than a fearful or unloving heart. Un-forgiveness engenders bitterness and anger in our hearts, which disrupts the flow of positivity and love flowing into our lives. Align with the vibration of love to create more love into your life.

4. Positive Thinking and Gratitude

Our thoughts create our beliefs, our beliefs create our feelings, and our feelings create our behavior and actions. A powerful manifestor wants to keep their thoughts on a higher vibration because a positive mind begets a positive life. A simple yet powerful gratitude practice trains our minds to see the good in all things and search for positive experiences along our path. A powerful manifestor wakes up believing and searching for good things to come to them. In addition, surround your intentions with the people that support and uplift your belief. Avoid negative advice and thoughts penetrating and clouding your goals. Often times it's helpful to keep our intentions coveted, in order to avoid negativity and doubt from others.

5. Be what you want to attract

In order to create something new and different into our lives we have to first become it. The people, relationships, and experiences in our lives serve as our mirror reflections. So, if we want to manifest more love into our lives, we must first become more love. If you desire greater joy in your life, become more joyful. If you desire more financial wealth and success, then develop a mindset of abundance. Trust the energetic flow of money that whichever you give out generously will come back to you generously.

6. Believe! Believe! Believe!

In order to become a powerful manifestor we have to believe in our goals and desires. We ARE what we believe and everything that comes to us matches the unconscious beliefs we keep. To create something new or different in our lives we can change and become the belief we desire. What are your real beliefs about the desires you're hoping to create? Is there fear? Or do feelings of unworthiness and doubt come up? Your thoughts, feelings, and behavior will ultimately flow into the direction of your beliefs. If you desire greatness, shift your thoughts and beliefs to greatness! Align your beliefs with the desires you want to create.

7. Meditate and Visualize

There is a lot of scientific evidence regarding the powerful benefits of meditating. I believe there are three powerful roles meditation plays in helping us manifest our desires.

A. Meditation burns off unwanted, negative thoughts and emotions and helps us create a more controlled, focused mind, which will align with the thoughts and feelings of what we want to create.

B. As meditation slows down the mind it creates the gaps between our thoughts. The space between our thoughts is where Spirit meets us. It's the place we hear our inner guide and teacher, also known as our intuition. Our intuition will guide us in the direction of our goals and desires. The practice of mindfulness aids us in living in the present moment, where our intuition speaks to us.

C. Visualizing our desires through meditation helps us affirm our beliefs. The more we see our desires the greater our belief becomes in receiving them. Meditate on your desires as often as possible and be as crystal clear and as detailed as you can with your vision. We must see it first in our minds before we can create it in our lives.

8. Move in the direction of your desires and act "as if"

Belief and thought alone are not enough to manifest our desires. Our intentions will not magically show up. But it is the continuous pursuit, no matter how small, supported by the beliefs and positive thoughts that align with our desires, that will move us in the direction toward our manifestations. When we act "as if" and take steps to match our desires, we demonstrate our authentic belief in them.

When I desired to move to a new location, the sea called out to me. So, I meditated and visualized the ocean. I created a vision board with images of the ocean. I went to sleep each night for nearly a year to the sounds of the ocean, and I researched relocation and lifestyles in different islands. I prepared myself to move as if I had a specific plan. I began clearing out and packing my apartment. I informed my building that I would not renew my lease, which would expire in three months. I acted as if my manifestation had already shown up. I let go and stopped pleading with the Universe to give me an answer. And nearly a month after my preparation, I received a synchronistic call with an opportunity to move to an island. I did not balk. I jumped on the opportunity and within three months moved to paradise. I didn't need to visit the island first because I knew it was the answer to my dream.

So, take any small step toward your goals and desires. For instance, if you're looking to move to a new city, start by doing research on different areas or visit different places. To manifest your ideal job, prepare yourself for it. Take a class, send out your resume, speak to others in your desired field, or seek an executive coach. We can always prepare ourselves as we move in the direction of our desires.

9. Say "YES" to the Universe

When life presents opportunities and experiences that lead you into the direction of your desires and manifestations, say "YES" to them. Say "YES" to everything that brings you closer to your purpose and desires. Acknowledge any fear that comes up, but say "YES" anyway. Hold your fear by the hand and let your desires be greater than your fears.

10. Surrender and Let Go

Sometimes this can be the most challenging step to becoming a powerful manifestor. But, when we cling and hold tightly onto the things and people we want to manifest into our lives, our acts of desperation actually keeps them away from us. I discovered when I let go and release my desires to the Universe and trust its timing and planning in my life, it shows up. And it shows up much grander than my limited mind could ever conceptualize it. We demonstrate our trust in the Universe when we let go. Believe in your intentions and desires and ruminate on them often. But then release the natural propensity to hold onto them with fear and anxiety, as well as attaching to a specific outcome. Trust that the Universe has a magnificent plan for your life and desires to bring to you, your deepest desires and intentions.

Manifesting, like anything else takes practice. It's a lifelong practice. We all have the power to manifest our deepest desires. I have manifested some really miraculous things, people, and experiences in my life, too many to name. But, sometimes things don't come right away, or in our own timing. Although we have the power of manifestation, the timing belongs to the Universe. I am learning to trust the Universe's timing and to check in myself when things aren't flowing into my life. I often will examine my behavior and ask myself, "Am I showing any fear or doubt in this belief?" "Am I sabotaging my own desires?" "Am I matching the desire I want to create?"

These are all practices to help us in manifesting our desires. Consider making it your practice and do your best. With continued practice we can achieve all of our dreams.