How to Become a Star

Some people come into Show Business for all the wrong reasons. Their goal is just to become famous. This will not work. They're not really interested in any training or the acting process. They are trying to use the idea of acting to compensate for an invisible and disconnected life.

I have found that people who come negative and blocked make bad students, because they have not found the beauty or the joy of life. Contrary to popular belief, acting is a joyous profession. The more love and passion that you bring to it, the more success you can have. I've discovered that there are 2 qualities that a person needs to succeed big in this business. First, become a star in your own life.

How do you do that? Well, you start to live your life like a star. That's right, you think like a star and you react to your problems like a star. (For example, pick your favorite movie star and think how would they deal with your current situation or problems.) Stars set very high expectations for themselves. Some stars I worked with, have had a lot of problems and difficulties that they needed to overcome to succeed. However, what made them successful was the way they dealt with their challenges. Stars listen to their instincts, stay optimistic, are driven, ask for help and are grateful where they are on their journey.

How will you know when you've become a star in your life? When people are coming up and wanting to know you. You inspire your friends by your actions, attitude and authenticity. They are impressed with how positive you are, no matter what is going on. Whatever difficulties are happening in life, it doesn't stop you from pursuing your goals and dreams. It's in the most difficult times in life that reveal who you truly are.

You will also need lots of training to make this happen. The second quality that you will need is to become a star student in your classes. Stars always work harder than anyone else.

I was Cameron Diaz's first acting teacher. She came to me to audition for her first film, The Mask with Jim Carrey. She originally was going in for a very small role in the film, but once the Director and Producers met her they wanted her to audition for something bigger. There was something special about her when she walked into the room. Everyone could see that. The acting profession just saw what she was displaying in her own life, and they realized maybe she could play the lead in the film. Once her training supported her star quality, she got the part. I believe that when true stars walk into a room they bring a joy and an energy that makes you want to know them more.

So, start making the changes you need to live your life like a star. Develop your talent, body and mind. A lot of work will need to be done to become the person you could be. Acting is a very rewarding profession when you come towards it for the right reasons and with the right attitude. A Star Attitude! Through acting, you will meet some of the most inspiring and interesting people throughout the world.
"Start loving the life you have, so you can have the life you want."