How to Bet On Yourself and Win in 2015


Every New Year dreams are launched. Resolutions made. Goals are set. We spend time reflecting and wondering about what the future holds. Will we reach our goals? Will we know success? How can we improve and adjust?

As a mindset and communication pro, I have a special vantage point. Everyday, I help trailblazers carve out extraordinary futures. I observe and analyze conversations, behaviors, results and how all three interface to make vivid, unprecedented futures real -- in record time.

What I've discovered is that when they rethink their use of words and design impactful conversations, they have all they need to confidently bet on themselves. I want to help you do the same in 2015.

Ask trailblazers, game changers -- all those who leave their mark on the world -- what they know is that the future is not something they were given. It was what they created by consistently swinging out and betting on themselves. The same can be true for you.

It starts with adopting three simple ideas:

1. The future you most want is yours to create.

The future where you experience that your life matters.
The future that recognizes through the ups and downs you are nurtured by vast riches.
The future where you work on what matters most to you, and enjoy the recognition and rewards for the contribution you make.

The future that holds all of your hopes and dreams.
All of that and more is yours to create.

Somewhere over there, in your corner of the world, I suspect you know that the future is what you make of it. You know it's not about luck or chance. Many experts will tell you building that kind of future is about hard work and resilience. I say -- it takes more than that.

2. The way to achieve your hopes and dreams is through your conversations. Lots of them.

You can work harder, or you can work smarter. Owning the power of your conversations puts you on the fast track to spectacular results. There are many different types of conversations, but let's look at two:

1. Conversations you have with yourself.
2. Conversations you have with others.

Conversations are the primary way you interact with the world. They bend life. They open doors. They create opportunities. Conversations morph into convictions -- they can even distort your perceptions of the past. Without a clear understanding of this one principle I'm sharing with you today, even the mightiest of wills and the hardest worker will be tamed.

3. What you say goes.

The conversations you have with yourself shape your perceptions of the world -- the experiences you have, the opportunities you see, the challenges you face are all directly linked to what you say. Your behaviors, intuition, and perceptions all stem from conversations, oodles of them intertwined and bundled together.

Experiences materialize through the words you use to describe them. As those experiences are retold and relived, they solidify and leave you forgetting they were your words to begin with! The fears and obstacles you endure are sustained and emboldened by conversation. Your achievements? You guessed it. Just the same.

So let's agree, the life you have, the results you produce, the habits you cling to are all a product of conversations. Lots and lots of them.

If you're ready to make 2015 the year you confidently bet on yourself, keep these 3 ideas in mind:

1. The future you most want is yours to create.
2. The way to achieve your hopes and dreams is through your conversations. Lots of them.
3. What we say goes. Especially when it comes to conversations with ourselves.

2015 is yours. What will you create? New perspectives. New priorities. New Intentions.

Conversation is the medium of this masterpiece called your life.
And well designed conversations, when delivered with intent, work wonders.

Annette Saldana is the CEO of ASG Training & Development and Founder of Irresistible Requests, teaching women how to identify what they want and ask for it -- with confidence. Connect with her at or Twitter: @annettesaldana.