Even Facebook Thinks You Should Block Your Ex After A Breakup (And Here's How)

Even Facebook Thinks You Should Block Your Ex After A Breakup

The last thing you want to see on Facebook after a split are constant updates from your ex. (Oh, look, he "likes" "Deadliest Catch" now. Who cares.)

Facebook feels your pain. In a new how-to video, the social network coaches users on how to block an ex -- or any other person you may need a little distance from -- on the site.

The clip opens with a recently dumped woman attempting to block her ex on one very awkward ride home.

“If you just went through a breakup, you probably need a little space right now,” a calm voiceover suggests. “Even though it may sound extreme, you might want to block them on Facebook, just to give yourself a little extra room to breathe.”

Oh, and don't worry, your ex won't be notified.

The quirky clip is part of Facebook's new "Just In Case Studies" ad campaign. Each video uses storytelling to to walk users through different technical features on the site, from untagging pics to editing a post. See the rest of the videos here.

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