How To Break A Bad Habit (Video Included)

How To Break A Bad Habit (Video Included)
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Today we have Anthony Ongaro the founder of an incredible blog called Break the Twitch as our guest. In his blog, he shares ideas on minimizing distractions, building good habits and creating opportunities. The blog is a result of him breaking his habit cycle of one-click purchase on Amazon and instead becoming intentional with life.

Knowing a Good Habit vs. a Bad Habit

The outcomes that we want always change and it is up to us to focus on the execution and completion of the action rather than the end result. With that said, a good habit is something that helps us to become healthier and happier in areas of our life where we want to succeed. It aligns with the values of your life and your definition of success. A bad habit takes you away from it and creates a disorder with what you want.

How to Break Your Bad Habit

When it comes to your habit (1) there's a trigger that sets it off, (2) you get a reward and (3) you create a routine to follow that habit. You have to modify the behavior and interrupt any one of these three processes, infuse another aspect of the habit and get the same intrinsic benefit that you want.

So to break it, you can do these two things:

  1. Build up a moment where you just become fed up and then make a decision to change.
  2. Avoid torturing yourself by force quitting. Instead, realize and affirm that you do not need the habit.

How To Align Values with Behavior

We have the capability to choose and realign ourselves. Change is inevitable so make sure the things that you do everyday are what you believe in, what feels right, and what you want to accomplish. Create your decision filter and establish your priorities. Things are always a work in progress so just start with something even if it's the tiniest change requiring a small effort. When you take that small action every day, you get closer to aligning your behavior with what you want in life.

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