How to Build a 6-Figure Business While Traveling Around the World

It's not everyday you meet someone with the luxury of running a multiple 6-figure online business, while being able to explore the world at the same time.

This is why I'm excited to be sharing this interview with Natalie Sisson, who is a best-selling author of The Suitcase Entrepreneur -- a title that she calls herself.

What is a Suitcase Entrepreneur you ask?

In Natalie's case, it's travelling to 69 countries breaking the world record for Dragon Boating, winning world beach ultimate championships, and winning body sculpting championships at Nationals. Basically, a lot of wins.

Her story wasn't always this exciting though.

After eight years in the corporate world and quitting her tech startup, Natalie was left with $2,000 in her bank account living in Vancouver (which is enough to last a week in Vancouver). Her mission was to start an online, remote business that allowed her to explore the world, while being able to grow a successful and profitable company.

This year, she's celebrating her 5th year in business. And after years of grinding and making mistakes, she's sharing her advice and all of her lessons learned to the aspiring entrepreneurs looking to build an online business.

What I love about Natalie's business is her transparency. Everything from the backgrounds of her adventurous lifestyle (i.e. helicopter rides overlooking Las Vegas, infinity pools, sailing the ocean), but also how she earns her income:

And this interview is full of transparent gems, where Natalie and I talk about everything from how to make the transition from 9 to 5 into entrepreneurship, skillsets required, how to market your new business, and much more.

Here's the details.

Highlights of the Episode:

  • What is the difference between running a tech startup vs. a location independent, online business
  • What are the 3 core skillsets required that will give you a competitive advantage when starting an online business
  • What is the ONE thing you should do before you make the leap into starting your own business
  • How Natalie went from $2,000 in the bank to $15,000 in one month
  • The 7 different revenue streams Natalie has built into her business
  • Which revenue stream you should start with, and how to set it up
  • The pitfalls of running a remote, online business that no one ever talks about
  • How Natalie ensures she has the most productive morning with The 6 Minute Morning Miracle

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