How to Build a Better World

If we want to build a better world, we need to start with ourselves. We continue to look for the answers outside of us when the answers have always lied within. However, that intuition may lay dormant as we place our focus on the news, the media, and the negativity that programs fear into our minds and heart. We choose to be ignorant because we are afraid of what the truth will bring and we are afraid that we will have to make changes in our own lives. In America, most of us easily live in the comfort of our own homes mindlessly watching television with an abundance of food on every corner and distracting ourselves with our own drama or the gossiping over others. It is not our fault that we have come to this because it has been instilled within our culture. We are only to blame when we know the truth and take no action to change.

Culture makes us who we are because with every culture comes a story, a set of belief systems, and a way of being.

America is a capitalistic culture based on the principles of production, profit, and results. The system is revolved around the idea of materialism and the need to satiate a craving to feel momentary happiness, which leads to the temporary fix of drugs, food, or fill in the blank. We use nature for our own advantage without clearly recognizing the circumstances of our actions as we continue to attempt to gain control over it. This ignorance of consciousness can no longer be an excuse as we see the pain in our world firsthand in ourselves and everywhere around us. I believe it is our time to wake up to the truth.

But what is the truth?

The truth is that we are powerful beings. We can make real changes with the right focus, the courage in our hearts, and the discipline of our minds. When we awaken to the truth that our feelings of worthlessness, disempowerment, and negativity are the works of our capitalistic culture creating the idea that we have an inner sense of lack, we become aware of whom we really are behind all the false images portrayed. The emptiness we have inside of us is not to be filled from the outside of materialistic means, but of a needed spiritual wealth that is dying in our world. We have lost our sense of gratitude and lost our sense of curiosity in the sacred. We do not know how to engage in the beauty of nature and it's mystery because we don't understand it.

We need to reconnect to nature and reconnect back to our bodies.

We have forgotten that we are a creation of Mother Earth. We are a living-breathing organism just like the forests, the animals and the jungles that birth life around us. As they die, a part of us dies too because we are a part of a larger interconnected web of beings. We have separated and disconnected ourselves from the essence of our beauty that lies in what we are destroying everyday. We don't want to see the truth of what is happening to our world because it hurts too much to face the pain. But we need to get in touch with our emotions and feelings again to see what is there and wants to come through us. Within is an inner wisdom that will help us return our world to a balanced state of equilibrium. We can no longer suppress our feelings because Mother Nature reflects back to us it's own raging earthquakes, bursting volcanoes, and chaotic tsunamis. We cannot fight with nature because then we would be fighting with ourselves.

Let's stop fighting and surrender to the grace of nature's touch.

Our Earth will always provide us with what we need, but we have become ungrateful and hurtful to our home. What we can do is to start facing ourselves and remove the blocks that keep us from flowing to the tune of nature's melody. Nature is showing us that we are not at peace with ourselves and that we need to begin our healing process of letting go of the hate, anger, resentment, and most of all fear that prevents us from living a full life. When we take our power back and take responsibility for what we put out in the world if it is toxic emotional pollution or an energy blessed with love, we will see how much we affect our world.

The war against humanity starts with us. Who do we criticize, push around, and put down every day? Who do we hurt because of our pride, never admitting that we have done wrong? This includes hurting ourselves. Let's start with that and we can work up to society together.

The only way to build a better world is to create the world you want to live in with your thoughts, actions and way of living. Be your own role model and be your own healer because the truth is you never had control of anything outside of you, but you have control over what you do now, right now at this moment. Right now, you can find compassion for yourself and others, seeing that you are truly human and imperfect. We all make mistakes, but let's not allow the mistakes to dominate our lives, but instead empower us to choose a new way of being in this world.