How to Build an 8-Figure Business Using Podcasts

Everywhere we see in the media, we hear of young teenagers who raised millions of dollars overnight or have sold their app for even more. This isn't another fairy tale story.

The story our guest today, Jordan Harbinger, tracks back to a humble beginning and years of struggle, dedication, and persistence to make it out alive. What originally incepted from a hobby of two guys in their early twenties conversing through a mic on how to attract women, slowly and steadily became what's now a thriving 8-figure business and a show with over 1.3M monthly listeners-- eight years later. The Art of Charm, also known as life coaching for the modern man, aims to teach men how to overcome their psychological fears, gain confidence, and ultimately become an extraordinary man.

Jordan brought his charm to the interview, and I learned not only the detailed steps that Jordan and his partner took to turn a podcast into an 8-figure business, but also some personal stories. He describes his experience of getting kidnapped (twice) and how he was able to use negotiation tactics to make an escape, his adventures of entering and building a business around North Korea, and many more anecdotes. Let me just say, it's a bit of a rollercoaster ride (the good kind).

This episode and the show as a whole is not just about anecdotes and discussion for discussion sakes. There's actionable, insightful tactics and strategies you'll takeaway that will re-shape the way you think about time management, growing empire businesses at its fundamental core, building raving audiences, and much more. We've taken the core lessons that Jordan has learned from his eight years of podcasting and building his thriving business, and more importantly the lessons he's learned from the thousands of successful individuals he has interviewed since the inception of Art of Charm.

Wherever you may be listening in the world, I hope you enjoy this adventurous interview with the one and only Jordan Harbinger.

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Highlights of the Episode

  • How Jordan got into North Korea four times and the process required for you to get in
  • The transition from being a Wall Street attorney to initially monetizing his podcast
  • How to build an 8-figure business by focusing on value first
  • The importance of understanding your own value and putting a price tag on it
  • How The Art of Charm tailored their topic focus as their audience's age grew with the business
  • Why Youtube may not be the platform to build your audience if you're looking to make money
  • How Art of Charm grew their business through referrals by treating clients like family
  • Why it's dangerous to follow your passion and what you should do instead
  • The most effective way to manage your time, be more productive, and get things done

Links Mentioned in the Episode

Jordan's Challenge to the Listeners

"Use a calendar to schedule everything you do, including flexibility"