How to Build An Empire By Getting Your Competitors On Your Side

What if you could create the ultimate win-win scenario, and get your competitors to work with you, instead of against you?

Well, it turns out you can, and I’m living proof. Here’s how it all happened.

Back in the mid-2000’s, when I was just getting started with internet and social media marketing, I didn’t see the benefit of being in the spotlight.

I didn’t want to be one of those people that put out junky get-rich-quick products. At the time, that’s what most online marketers sold.

Stay Behind the Scenes and Focus

In our society, people see fame as a sign of success. They think that attention, publicity, and being famous in their field is the ultimate.

But I realized that being behind the scenes for so many years has allowed me to stay focused on what I’m doing and to learn—rather than having another distraction to worry about and manage.

Most of my mentors have consistently given me one piece of feedback: “Focus, Brian!!!”

It’s true; I have 100 ideas at any moment. And my one kryptonite is my occasional inability to focus.

Yes by staying behind the scenes for so many years, I have been able to develop my skills without distraction.

Build a Massive Network in Silence

A misconception of being “highly connected” is that you must be famous in the mainstream media. I do not believe this to be true.

I know many “super connectors” who are not “mainstream” famous but, who could put me in touch with someone for anything I need.

As I was building my network, I realized that a lot of people I was meeting had similar goals, ambitions, and dreams.

I had one guy hang up on me on a phone call because we were both marketing the same kind of product. He didn’t want to accidentally give me any tips. 

But that just baffled me—why wouldn’t we share notes and learn from each-other? Apparently sharing too many details wasn’t the norm, especially in the online marketing world.

Collaborate, Don’t Compete

What is more powerful, ten people with $100 each working separately, or 10 people who team up together, using that $1000 total as a team?

This is the real secret to how I built an unstoppable network and team for my various companies.

As a leader, I like to bring people together. I like to get people fired up about a common cause. 

Instead of us fighting and competing for business, why don’t we team up and build a bigger empire faster?

Think about it.

If you team up with your competitors, you gain their audience, and they gain yours. Now you have a larger critical mass.

You can now reach more people because your total reach is bigger and bound to reach more people by working in unison.

Team up with Your Network

After my advertising and marketing company BDE Ventures made the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing private companies in America—and ranking in the top 3%—I needed a new challenge.

I noticed that in both my network and my extended network I had a ton of extremely smart and wildly successful millennial entrepreneurs, speakers, authors, Gen Z writers, etc. 

Like me, these people were looking to come out of the shadows and into the spotlight.

They had spent many years working on their craft, and building successful startups, and they were also looking to make more of a name for themselves.

This was the perfect timing to come out of the spotlight with my network standing at my side.

Influencive Is What We Created

We have gone around the world speaking, creating world class apps, building massive marketing campaigns and writing successful books and articles. We have also been busy creating wildly successful startups. 

Our goal is to provide the unconventional wisdom that our generation of millennials and Gen Z has learned.

We are reaching up to 5 million people a week on social media alone after less than seven months on the grind.

Check out Influencive for yourself and help us spread the word!

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